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  1. beatit2006

    Let's Count!

    Re: How High Can we Count? 13,365
  2. beatit2006

    Anyone knows if this actually IS Michael or where it's from!?

    dont think they look like his hands though
  3. beatit2006

    who is this little girl in yellow dress?

    i know its not karens daughter cause shes dark, i think shes just a little random kid on the stage and we all know how michael feels about kids , she look so sweet awww he really likes her, but then again he loves all children
  4. beatit2006

    Michael and the ladies

    yeah where can we find that footage
  5. beatit2006

    Stark Raving Dad - Simpsons

    yep its realy michael talking, but not singing
  6. beatit2006

    I never heard Michael cuss before until

    an superfly sister is such a dirty song lol
  7. beatit2006

    MJ Funny Picture Thread

    ha ha omg his face lol
  8. beatit2006

    Michael's Manhood Thread - 18+ (Read The First Post For Rules!)

    Re: Michael's Manhood - "X" Rated Content - Explicit pictures are NOT allowed so that means that he did reherse dirty diana cause michael bearen said it was rated pg so they couldnt put it in the film , thats what i got from the interview anyway, do u think we'll see it on the dvd? i hope so
  9. beatit2006

    The Simpsons - worth watching?

    i love them all , even the early ones, but the new ones arnt that good , they have just lost ideas, but season 3 is good like "stark raving dad" (of course) lol and "homer at the bat" is great
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    Did the whole movie leak? [Merged]

    Re: Did the whole movie leak? yeah you can get it on copy dvd in the uk
  11. beatit2006

    Hello from Liverpool, england

    cool , love to meet up somewere if u would like :)
  12. beatit2006

    Hello from Liverpool, england

    hey im from liverpool too , love to meet up with someone in town maybe, im only 16 so .... lol but would still love to meet up ,, pm me people :)
  13. beatit2006

    bigger pic

    hi i saw this amazing photo, but i only have it this size, could someone post a bigger version please, thnxxxx :)
  14. beatit2006

    Feet thread!!

    i didnt realy like them shoes he had on during the trial , they reminde me of the men who were socks with sandels ha ha lol but since its michael ill let him off lol his feet are HOT
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    Michael Jackson On Oman |rare|

    can u upload it agin please
  16. beatit2006

    Anyone getting MJ-tattoo in London this summer?

    wow thats amazing, this makes me happy (not often i feel happy lately) lol
  17. beatit2006

    Anyone getting MJ-tattoo in London this summer?

    yay i hope it looks good , it sounds wierd you saying your getting it in 3 hours , because its like 11 o'clock were i live lol :) cant wait for mine this weekend , ill post mine too MICHAEL I WILL LOVE U UNTILL THE DAY I DIE AND FOREVER
  18. beatit2006

    Anyone getting MJ-tattoo in London this summer?

    ok ok hun lol :) alot of my friends who have had tattoos their and iv seen them, there realy good and their all 15 and under age, maybe he is just doing it for money, but he does good jobs on the tattoos. and i realy want one to just express my love for michael, but thanks for bein concernd :)
  19. beatit2006

    Anyone getting MJ-tattoo in London this summer?

    im getting one this weekend , cant wait only 15 but they said i can get one yay, ill post it when i get it. :) and im getting the lyrics "let our spirit never die" from heal the world , if it was any other tattoo , not michael , i would be soooo nervous , but since its michael i cant wait...