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  1. pamarella

    For the Die Hard Michael Jackson Fan

    Ladies try this... Men if you want to, go for it...
  2. pamarella

    MTV's "Vangaurd Award"!

    Of course we all know that this will be the first broadcast of the VMA awards since the passing of Michael Jackson. What I would like to know is will MTV restore the orginal title of the "Vanguard Award" back to the "MICHAEL JACKSON VANGUARD AWARD" ? This is the award that is given to the artist...
  3. pamarella

    Now You Know Michael Is A Star When...

    You know Michael is a mega big time star when they are selling his likeness on Home Shopping Network. (HSN). HSN is selling the stamps from St. Vincent that was released back in 1985. These stamps were official government stamps. If you are interested check out HSN...
  4. pamarella

    President Obama Sends Jackson Family A Message

    According to CNN, President Obama sends the Jackson Family a personal message. CNN reported that he wanted the family to know how he personally felt about Michael and didn't want to make a public statement about it.:)
  5. pamarella

    Moonwalking in heaven

  6. pamarella

    This why Michael is a LEGEND...

    This is so cool!!!
  7. pamarella

    Neverland the "NEW" Graceland

    I am looking at footage from the Neverland Ranch on FAUX News and it looks like it has been refurbished. I remember seeing Neverland at the time that Michael sold it and it look like they were going to tear it down. I think it's going to be a Major tourist attraction. Graceland "WEST COAST" style.
  8. pamarella

    Frank Dileo

    I am having trouble with this, but I just don't think it was Frank Dileo's job to tell Michaels kids that their father had died. In most cases that shocking news is usually left to family members to tell the children. For him to tell the children that their father had died must have been...
  9. pamarella

    Michael's Body has been realeased to the family.

    KABC news here in Los Angeles just reported that Michael's body was released to the family about 9:30 p.m Pacific Time
  10. pamarella

    Should Michael Do A One Hour TV Special?

    What do you think of this? Should Michael do a 1 hour TV Special when he comes out with new music? I think it would be a great way for him to make a MAJOR comeback. He could showcase his talent for all the world to see. Of course there would be first time viewers who would see Michael perform...