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  1. knigofpop

    Heal the world - 2020 Official launch?

    I think its beautiful... I wasnt expecting a whole brand new video with unreleased footage, outtakes, new vocal etc. It is what it is! It's not a new commercial project. Just a message of hope! Heal the world ?????
  2. knigofpop

    Heal the world - 2020 Official launch?

    Hi #MJFam: We hope that this finds you healthy and safe during these uncertain ties. Feeling connected to a community while physically distancing is one of the most important things that you can do to help navigate the anxiety around CoronaVirus. The Estate has created a new “Heal The...
  3. knigofpop

    BBCRadio2 (Allegedly) Drops MJ's Music

    The report specifically mentions BBCR2 cancelling his music yet the BBC statement only refers to the BBC and not specifically Radio 2. The fact remains, up until 2 weeks ago, they played his music on Radio 2 EVERY DAY! Nothing in the last 14 DAYS!
  4. knigofpop

    Open letter to Jordan Chandler

    I am of two minds whether this would work or not. And yes, it could backfire however... if we could just reach out to his moral compass and point him in the right direction, with love and support he could come forward.
  5. knigofpop

    Lenny Kravitz Talks Michael Jackson, Performs 'Low' (with MJ Vocals) on 'Tonight Show'

    I wasn't hearing "human nature" in there at all. Just the "another day" adlibs?
  6. knigofpop

    I met The Jacksons on Friday in Dublin and they are so nice

    I paid to meet them a couple of years ago, herded like cattle for what was a 4 second chat, autograph and photo. I thought Jermaine was really rude. The others seemed cool though
  7. knigofpop

    [NEW] Limited edition picture disc vinyl box set

    Why is it all so much more expensive for UK fans?
  8. knigofpop

    "Miracle" (Unreleased) Michael Jackson & 3T

    Is it not possible that the word miracle could just refer to the fact that they recorded together in the first place?
  9. knigofpop

    Michael Jackson's SEGA AS1 Space Scramble Training

    They had one of these in London in the 90s. Was really Cool!
  10. knigofpop

    Michael Jackson Estate, Sony Music Extend Partnership for Recordings

    With regard to marketing, appeal, monetizing etc... Sony wouldn't have paid big $$$ to extend a contract if it wasn't making them money. What some see as a "flop" must be making money somewhere. I think it's safe to assume that NOTHING released post 2009 will ever compete with releases that...
  11. knigofpop

    What did Michael smell like/what perfume or cologne did he wear?

    I purchased BAV and it has a peculiar smell. It kinda reminds me of my grandmas house. It has a very heavy talc scent. There is a video of him spraying something in the car, it's the funny clip where he sprays it on his crotch area. I think it's from the 00's. Does anybody know what that was...
  12. knigofpop

    Blood On The Dance Floor 2017 [Music video]

    Originally is was created to push sales of the Scream Album but was postponed after the shooting in Vegas. The MJOne performance was to celebrate his birthday. I guess they just thought it would be a nice Christmas gift.
  13. knigofpop

    ‘The Way You Make Me Feel’ (MSG, 2001): Which of the two performances do you prefer?

    For me it's the 7th... because I was there. Sadly had to leave before the Monday (in hindsight was amazingly lucky). Britney and Michael together on stage was phenomenal.
  14. knigofpop

    The small moments you love

    I had no idea these were a thing! Thank you for pointing me in that direction!! And I guess for me it's that simple, the times when he smiles, when he was truly happy. That was all I really ever wanted for him. Happiness. Another single moment that stood out for me was hearing the words "Not...
  15. knigofpop

    Michael and Lisa Marie Discussion (Positive Thread)

    Re: Michael & Lisa Marie Discussion Thread (Hate is not welcome) I never really understood the relationship until I watched the Oprah interview. And cried throughout. It's sad that Michael lived in such a controlled world.
  16. knigofpop

    Michael Jackson’s Halloween - New animated special coming this fall

    Oh, I just checked and it's there. The initial 'screen' looks like some Japanese Anime, if you click play on there it will start. Hope this helps?
  17. knigofpop

    Michael Jackson’s Halloween - New animated special coming this fall

    My only issue really was the length. It needed to be longer. I think they tried to pack too much in to an hour. This made it too jumpy, there wasn't enough room for dialogue and the script therefore suffered. Sure, character animation could have been refined but that's just nit picking...
  18. knigofpop

    Michael Jackson’s Halloween - New animated special coming this fall

    If anybody hasn't been able to find it... It's right here, I'm in the UK and it works for me ?
  19. knigofpop

    What are some of Michael Jackson's New York landmarks?

    Yes, you're right. Beacon theatre it was. I knew there was a Radio City history somewhere lol ?
  20. knigofpop

    What are some of Michael Jackson's New York landmarks?

    The Apollo theatre, Harlem. Radio City music hall (One night only). Can't think of any more ?