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  1. Happy birthday off the wall

    Happy Birthday Off The Wall!! August 10th marked the 39th Anniversary of the incredible OFF THE WALL Album!! I truly believe that without Off The Wall, there would not be the fantastic Thriller album that rocked the globe. SO, for this anniversary, my question for Y'all is this... If one song...
  2. Best Concert Opener?

    Right? I love that medley sooooooo much :clap:
  3. Moonwalkers

    Beautiful! :clapping:
  4. 25th Anniversary of "Will You Be There"

    ~ But they told me A man should be faithful And walk when not able And fight 'til the end But I'm only Human ~ (My favourite part :heart::heart::heart:)
  5. Did MJ Have ANY Faults?

    I feel like his only fault was that he didn't see how beautiful he was :heart:
  6. What Michael would be donig if he was'nt a singer ?

    I think he said this it in his book 'Moonwalk' once but I cannot remember for sure :doh:
  7. Miscellaneous Michael J. Jackson - MMJJ

    Wasn't the marijuana that was found at his house spoiled and rotten? Maybe he smoked occasionally? But yeah I would totally understand if it was to cope with stress :coockoo:
  8. Michael Jackson's 60th Birthday Celebration 2018 Worldwide

    Does anyone else fantasise about the thought of Michael as a grandpa in his 70s? I just find the idea so cute and adorable, him visiting his grandchildren and still helping people all over the world... Occasionally releasing singles every now and then... Just me? :D :D
  9. Have You Guys Heard Of Quizup??

    Have y'all heard of Quizup? It's a multiplayer game on iOS and Google Play that quizzes you on certain topics. And guess what? There's a Michael Jackson topic!! :yes: There's also a posting feed on the topic that allows people to post photos and other stuff... It's quite fun, and there are many...
  10. Kelly Rowland and Sam on "The Voice" Doing TDCAU

    Re: Kelly Rowland and Sam on "The Voice" doing They do not really care about Us" Exactly. I'm really glad Kelly did some of the choreography that Michael does, but overall I feel like they should've chosen another (Michael Jackson) song that would have shown off their voices more :yes:
  11. My first song mix don't be harsh. :D

    Very noice friendo! One question though, why cut out the rap? Or was that the idea of the remix? Good job, it was very good!:clapping::bow:
  12. The Smile

    Re: His crooked smile NaWwWWWwWWwW :jump:
  13. New book? 'All The Songs: The Story Behind Every Track'

    Woah it's looks really good! Wish I had the money to buy it lol :girl_tantrum:
  14. Glimpses & Flashes From This Is It

    That is weird... How come he's the only one who has it??? We may never knowwww :P
  15. Remembering Michael on June 25th...Around the World

    Re: Remembering Michael on June 25th...around the world Naww I'm getting the feels again... Flipping 3rd time today :/...
  16. HIStory Album Anniversary Poll :DDD

    I agree... Stranger in Moscow is sooo nice :D