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  1. AnnieIsOkay

    [REQ] History album cover variations

    could someone please reupload these? :love:
  2. AnnieIsOkay

    Your Last MJ-Related Purchase

    I read this book last month and I loved it so much omg
  3. AnnieIsOkay

    Has Michael ever disappointed you in terms of his studio vocals?

    No, I don't think I can recall a studio recording that would disappoint me with MJ's vocals. There are some things that I would have done a little differently in terms of background vocals or harmonies but I can't recall that ever concerting the quality of the vocals per se.
  4. AnnieIsOkay

    Mj as Willy Wonka

    Okay thanks for clearing all of that up for me! I wonder if we'll ever get to hear the soundtrack leaked or released
  5. AnnieIsOkay

    Mj as Willy Wonka

    Is it true that Michael created some tracks for the Willy Wonka movie that weren’t eventually used by Warner? I recall reading that somewhere... anyways I wonder if these demos still exist and if so, I’d looove to hear them ��
  6. AnnieIsOkay

    Where are you from?

    Thanks, I like yours too ;)
  7. AnnieIsOkay

    MJJC Never Ending Party Thread

    Hello everybody! How're you?:hellooo:
  8. AnnieIsOkay

    Where are you from?

    Hello MJFam! I've been on this forum for a while now (mostly lurking around though) and I've come up with the idea to start this thread. I'm sorry if there already is one like this - if there is, I must have missed it. I just kind of thought this would be a good way to get to know y'all a little...
  9. AnnieIsOkay

    Joh'Vonnie Jackson

    I think he wanted to be their manager way more than he did their father
  10. AnnieIsOkay

    Conrad Murray News and discussion thread [No Links allowed]

    Re: Conrad Murray's Statement to Police All I can say as a medical student is that what this guy did and how he handled the situation sounds like a very very bad joke... Mixing all of those drugs together plus administering propofol for insomnia... That's so not how you do this. It hurts to...
  11. AnnieIsOkay

    How old are you

    22 and a fan since I was 12 :)
  12. AnnieIsOkay

    Just a fan from France

    Hello Caroline! Good to see a fellow European on here ;) I'm 22 and from Poland. Sounds like neither of us had a real chance to get to know MJ before his death (I started to listen to his music after the TII tour was announced and then became a real fan after he died :( )Welcome to the forum...
  13. AnnieIsOkay

    What Does Your Username Mean?

    Well mine obviously refers to Smooth Criminal chorus where MJ asks "Annie are you okay". My name is Annie and I needed to make up a Michael-related username so this was the only one I could think of haha
  14. AnnieIsOkay

    Michael Jackson introduced to a new generation

    God you're awesome, keep on doing what you do! I wish someone like you came to my school when I was a kid :D
  15. AnnieIsOkay

    Michael in Warsaw '96

    Hey everyone, does anyone happen to have any clips from the concert MJ gave in Warsaw, Poland in September 1996? I was only able to find a couple of videos on youtube, maybe somebody has a full recording of it?:love: The only time MJ has visited my city was 6 months before I was born :cry: wish...
  16. AnnieIsOkay

    Hayvenhurst Home Pictures

    Re: Hayvenhuest Home Pictures I only have these photos but a) they descriptions are in French b) the quality is bad c) I'm not 100% this is Havenhurst... Yet, enjoy :)
  17. AnnieIsOkay

    Leaving Neverland in other countries

    I'm Poland, where I'm from, it's been said that HBO will air the movie in April. And as for now it's available on the streaming site HBO GO
  18. AnnieIsOkay

    The disbelief of the real

    Imo it's Michael
  19. AnnieIsOkay

    Michael Jackson - Live In Bucharest (The Dangerous Tour)

    I had the dvd but it got lost somewhere, I believe it stayed in my parents' apartment... Will have to go over sometime and look for it. I remember watching it over and over again when I was 12 :D
  20. AnnieIsOkay

    Your favorite song on the Dangerous album?

    All of the songs are awesome to me so it's hard to choose :) but I think I'm gonna say Give In To Me and Who Is It, I honestly cannot choose between these two