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  1. knigofpop

    Heal the world - 2020 Official launch?

    Hi #MJFam: We hope that this finds you healthy and safe during these uncertain ties. Feeling connected to a community while physically distancing is one of the most important things that you can do to help navigate the anxiety around CoronaVirus. The Estate has created a new “Heal The...
  2. knigofpop

    Autographed pillowcase fake???

    I'm hoping somebody can help and not sure if this is the correct thread, can somebody please move it if not?. I recently purchased an autographed and inscribed pillowcase from eBay. I have since found an exactly the same pillowcase being sold by Simon Par Auctions online. The one I have was...
  3. knigofpop

    Michael and Freddie duets coming FALL 2015!!!

    More to life, State of Shock and VICTORY!!
  4. knigofpop

    MJ and Queen world premiere!!!!!!!!!!!

    Tomorrow morning (Friday) the Chris Evans breakfast show on BBC radio 2 (UK) will have the world premiere of a new Michael Jackson and Queen song. No mention as to what it is but Queens Roger Taylor and Brian May will join the breakfast show to premiere this new song!!! The breakfast show...
  5. knigofpop

    Req: Staples Centre memorial wall?

    Hey... it has been a desire of mine to have the Staples memorial wall (with the fan signatures) printed on to a large canvas. Problem is, I can't find a large enough picture of the wall that will allow for a good quality print. Just wondered if anybody had one that they would be happy to share...
  6. knigofpop

    Michaels Fedora...

    Sorry if this is the wrong place to ask but I would like some help... A little while back I paid a lot of money for what purported to be Michaels fedora from the HIStory tour, Amsterdam. I just wondered of there was any way to confirm this? Would be really interested im pictures of othet...
  7. knigofpop

    Billie Jean, Amsterdam, June 10, 1997??

    Hey, I have been trying to find pictures from this concert specifically Billie Jean. The closest I can find is some poor quality video and just wondered if anybody here may have come across any? Thanks in advance!
  8. knigofpop

    Michaels Armband?

    Sorry if this is the wrong place to post... I recently came across this item and really, just wanted to share and see if anybody may be able to shed light on how it came to be? It is described as "armband material" and is approximately 50cm in length. It is very similar to the armband that...
  9. knigofpop

    Matt Fiddes selling signed Fedora on eBay!

    Apparently so! Matthew Fiddes: Bodyguard, friend, BACKSTABBER is selling an autographed "Smooth Criminal" fedora that was gifted to him by Michael. I couldn't believe it myself but after a little research, turns out to be the real deal. Just thought I would share x EBAY ITEM NUMBER: 271134607376
  10. knigofpop

    David Knopfler / Michael Jackson

    Hey everybody. I was scanning eBay and came across a listing for a David Knopfler album called "lips against steel"... not exciting until I realised that the album features none other than Michael Jackson! Have tried to listen to various songs from the album and can't hear Michael on there...
  11. knigofpop

    Last Videos of Michael Jackson Guarded by Top Security

    Wasn't sure whether to post this here or in "the case" forum but chose here as I noticed something rather interesting in the text that I found quite exciting so thought I would share it here..... (The videos are said to have a "high monetary value inherent in their potential for future uses...
  12. knigofpop

    Never-before-seen Michael Jackson’s photos revealed!!!!!

    Not sure how new this is... it's the first time I read anything about it and other than this, I can't find any more info but it does sound interesting! Hope I'm ok to post this... sorry if not x x Source Fifteen years ago Michael Jackson...
  13. knigofpop

    The Michael Jackson treasures book... £10.00 UK!!!!!!!

    Hi there, Just wanted to let you all know that today I went to my local book store "THE WORKS", and they have copies of this amazing book for just £10.00!!! I thought that was cheap considering I paid over £25.00 for the book a little while back! If you don't know the book, google it...
  14. knigofpop

    Swarovski Glove on ebay... did you buy one????

    I had a go at making my own glove like this but couldn't buy the crystals. Does anybody have one of these or know if the quality is any good? What do you guys think of this one... it is a lot cheaper than another one on ebay...
  15. knigofpop

    Tabloid junkie 2009... Fans united demonstration!!!!

    #sorry if this is the wrong section# Recently, media outlets around the world have created and distributed numerous negative stories about the King Of Pop, Michael Jackson. At the forefront of these awful headlines stands the British daily tabloid, THE SUN. On Saturday June 27th 2009... we...