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  1. sweet princess

    ~Please pray for mjjangel2002~

    Please pray for Karen Dadoun (mjjangel2002). She's in the hospital, , it's not good. The docotors gave her food and water through an IV, cause she didn't eat or drink water for 3 weeks. She's losing weight too fast, Please pray for her.
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    Poems and various Writings verison 2

    This a place where you can post all your poems and other various writings that you all have done. Note for momma I hope that I've made you happy while you were here, wish that you could've stayed a little bit longer. I feel so empty, this emptyiness that has come upon me will never be filled...
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    To My MJJC Family

    Something terrible has happened, my mother has suffered a heart attack. She collasped in the kitchen the day before last. The EMTS were able to do CPR on her, had they not done that she would've have died right there in the kitchen. She had major swelling of the brain, it has gone down a little...
  4. sweet princess

    ***The Offical Absense/Return Thread***

    Hey guys & girls I wanted to let you all know that I will be gone for 1-2 weeks. I created this thread so that members who have to go on break (for personal reasons) have somewhere to post so they can check in with the other members of MJJC.
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    How am I

    [B][FONT=AmerType Md BT][SIZE=3][COLOR=#ff0000][CENTER]How am I People always ask me, “How are you?” I always say, “I’m fine.” But they can see that I’m not always telling the truth. I don’t always tell the truth, I have my reasons. I’m very picky when it comes to meeting people or knowing...
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    **The Offical Wrestling thread ** [Merged]

    Breaking News-Eddie "Umaga"Fatu is dead. (WWE) Breaking Updates: Umaga Funeral Plans, WWE Helping Out As noted earlier today here on the website, Eddie "Umaga" Fatu has passed away. I'm told that WWE is working with Fatu's family and there may be a service on Tuesday or Wednesday. A lot of...
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    You are not alone (Support thread) V.2

    Mods please make this part of the other sticky threads that are apart of this section, thank you. Are You having a bad week/ month? If soo let it out here, This thread is for everyone. :yes: I'll start :D I'm in love, I didn't think that I'd love again. My feelings for this guy are really...
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    Caution: Female mj fans beware of chris gardner

    Any of you female fans that have a myspace, Please be careful. There is an MJ look-alike that has victimized under aged girls & young women. His name is CHRIS GARDNER, his myspace url if you see him on your friends request list. DON'T ADD HIM, He's DANGEROUS...
  9. sweet princess

    Freddie Mercury talks about Michael Jackson Short but sweet. :D Enjoy. :flowers:
  10. sweet princess

    Your dreams (When you sleep)

    Here u can post what kind of dreams you had.NO R-rated dreams, We have youngesters here.I'd like you guys and girls to try to keep it clean.
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    Stories that you find interesting

    Here u can post stories that you find interesting.Jerry Lee Lewis Marries 13-Year-Old Cousin In May 1958 Jerry Lee Lewis was at the height of his rock & roll career. ...The piano-pounding wildman from Ferriday, Louisiana, was considered heir to Elvis' vacated throne. (Presley was drafted into...
  12. sweet princess

    What are the best photo sharing websites?

    I'd like to know what the best photo sharing websites are I'm asking this because I'm thinking about cancaling my sevice with photobucket.--If anyone has any suggestions-please let me know thanks. :D
  13. sweet princess

    high school dating stories

    Please Feel free to repost your H.S. dating stories.;) I had my first boyfriend in my freshmen year of H.S. His name was Jacob, he was not shy, he asked me out, we were going down the hall for testing. As we were going down the hall, he asked me, "Kelly, we've known each other for 7 months...
  14. sweet princess

    **~The offical appreication thread for all of ur favorite WWE SUPERSTARS~**

    Here you can post all your favorite WWE SUPERSTARS pics bio videos and discuss the news that invovles them. Please remember all our views are different, NO FIGHTING If there is fighting, I will ask the mods to close this thread. I made this thread for everyone.
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    The offical wrestling thread..News, spoilers and results.

    This thread is for spoilers and results from all three show. the one that has most the spoilers is Smackdown. Please feel free to discuss.:) Dark Match: Vladamir Kozlov b. Jamie Noble with some type of inverted clothesline maneuver. WWE SmackDown (Air date 3/20) Mississippi Coast Coliseum in...
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    Random MJ pics

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    For the ladies

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    Happy 11th birthday Prince

    Happy 11th birthday sweetheart. May all your dreams and wishes come true, I love you... Love Kelly