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  1. whosbad

    Michael´s weight and height

    I couldn´t find any other section to put this theme in. Please, mods, move it into the correct thread. :) Does anybody of you know, how much Michael´s weight was?? I´ve googled it and couldn´t find an accurate answer to that. Also about his height are many different informations on the web. It...
  2. whosbad

    My first poem that I´ve created!!!

    Hi, fellow Michael fans!!! Please leave your opinion under this poem. During I was writing it I was constantly thinking about Michael. I think that he has helped me to create such a poem. Many years ago, an angel stole my heart. He sang those songs which touched my soul He gave me hope when I...
  3. whosbad

    whosbad´s collection

    Videos and DVDs: Making Michael Jackson´s Thriller Michael Jackson: The legend continues Moonwalker Concert of October 1992 Interview with Martin Bashir and the discussion Captain EO Interview together with L.M.Presley, with D. Sawyer (1995) MJ and Karen Faye at Neverland (rare) Making of...
  4. whosbad

    I´ve got my ECDL!!!!!

    Hi there!! I just wanted to make an own thread for this ´cause I´m very proud of myself!!! :cheeky: Today I´ve passed my last exam for the ECDL Core - The European Computers Driving License!!! :punk: :rofl: I still can´t believe it - ´cause the last exam wasn´t easy. Microsoft Access is one...