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  1. Bobi MJ

    Does someone have a screenshot of the deleted tweet from MJ's account?

    The Estate tweeted that a new album is coming but they deleted it really fast. It was a joke for April 1st. I really want to see that post. Can someone who screenshotted the post to share it here? Thanks!!!
  2. Bobi MJ

    Are the leaked snippets of "Angel" real?

    I'm trying to do research and find the answer. Here is what I've found so far: For those who are unfamiliar, "Angel" is an unreleased song written by MJ and Kenneth "Babyface" Edmonds in 1998 and it had been scheduled to feature on a shelved greatest hits compilation. However, in 2018 the...
  3. Bobi MJ

    How many editions of Thriller 25 were released???

    I know that there are more than 1 edition of Thriller. Like the Limited Japanese Single Collection. But I'm wondering are there more editions and if you know them, please let me know because I'm a huge fan of Thriller 25 and I'd want to buy all of the editions one day :)
  4. Bobi MJ

    Are there remnants from the music videos for Unbreakable and Threatened?

    Even they got canceled, are there any pictures from the film sets?
  5. Bobi MJ

    Are "The Future" and "In The Future" the same or 2 different songs?

    For those who are unfamiliar with these titles. Jackson collaborated with from 2006 to 2008 and they recorded some tracks. And unfortunately, all of them remain unreleased and most of them unfinished. And one of the songs they had recorded is titled "The Future". This song was revealed...
  6. Bobi MJ

    D.I.E (Dance Is entertainment) Thread

    Hi. Now I decided to investigate the song "D.I.E" which has been found on one of Michael's lists in his bedroom where he wrote songs that he wants to finish. Here are my notes is there is something that is missing for there is false information, please reply...
  7. Bobi MJ

    Michael Jackson - Monster (1999) Investigational Thread

    Hi. I started to look at some of the unreleased songs (the ones that have suspicious snippets) and to investigate them. I decided to start with the songs that I really want to hear and I have to choose "Monster". This one is not the fake Cascio Track on the Michael album. This one is recorded...
  8. Bobi MJ

    A List of EVERY Unreleased Michael Jackson Song (1977 - 2009)

    A am A Loser A Baby Smiles A Deeper Love A Place With No Name A Pretty Face Is Adore You Al Capone All In Your Name All The Truth You Need Alright Now Angel Another Day Apocalypse Now Attitude Bad Company Bang Your Head Basszouille Behind the Mask Be Me 4 A Day Beautiful Girl Belong 2 Best of...