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  1. Darvon1982

    I'm back!!!! From over 5 years ago.

    Hey guys, it's Darvon McDonald here if you have me on facebook. A LONG TIME AGO, I use to go by MJgirlDallasUSA.... Hope to spend more time here soon. I'm glad to be back. :) :punk: ~Darvon
  2. Darvon1982

    Please pray for my family.. My uncle committed suicide

    Please pray for my family. My uncle was a father of four. Youngest being 13 years old, oldest is in the Navy right now. He's 20/21. The family owned a ranch with lots of animals. I guess they were having problems and my uncle committed suicide. This is very shocking and devastating news to me...
  3. Darvon1982

    MJ on the Moon graphic

    Hey guys, I have imagined MJ on the moon for a very long time. Now I can share why I have imagined MJ on the moon for a very long time.... Do you see MJ on the moon after viewing this picture?
  4. Darvon1982

    tonight's pretty sunset... (video)

    Tonight's beautiful sunset, I just had to record it. I was driving and I had my flip camera, so here you go... It's worth to see....
  5. Darvon1982

    Michael Jackson Fan Cruise?

    Hey guys, someone told me that people are trying to put together a mj fan cruise in the next couple of years? This may be the wrong forum but can you direct me to the right one if you know what Im talking about? :)
  6. Darvon1982

    Texas Balloon Release....

    We released balloons for MJ on friday.....:) I'll post the link in a few
  7. Darvon1982

    Delilah - U.S. Radio Talk Show Host/ Let's Request We've Had Enough

    Who else knows of Delilah? She is a radio talk show host who talks and plays music. Here is info about her. Do you guys think we could all email her, and tell her about how Michael Jackson fans are getting together to remember Michael, AND we could ask her...
  8. Darvon1982

    Michael Jackson L'Uomo Vogue Magazine

    Is it really this rare? Because I have a sealed copy of it..... How much is it worth sealed? :o
  9. Darvon1982

    MJ in your dreams, After June 25th... Did he give messeges to you?

    Tell me MJ fans, did any of u have any dreams of MJ, concerning the cause of death? Like, did MJ show u anything in your dreams? About a month after his death or somewhere near his birthday, I had a dream that Michael showed me a close up of his neck. Literally showing me. He had a fedora on...
  10. Darvon1982

    This Belly Dancing Tribute video might cheer you up, take a look! This video is so awesome, take a look! I LOVED what they did with heartbreaker. Please comment on the video.. they deserve more views!!!
  11. Darvon1982

    June 25th and 26th, 2010 - San Antonio, Texas MJ Fan Event

    To all Texas fans, June 25th will be marked as one of the darkest days in history for all of us as Michael Jackson was taken away from us tragically and unexpectedly. This year will mark the 1 year anniversary of Michael's death and we don't want to be alone. We are not alone. We carry on his...
  12. Darvon1982

    Michael Jackson- crying for Jam during dangerous tour

    Hey guys, not to dredge up painful memories but my friends want to see the video of mj with tears running down his cheeks when he takes off his glasses before jam. It was right after the 93 allegations.....I dont know if yall know what im talking about....... does anyone know??
  13. Darvon1982

    I'm so depressed

    Is there anyone online right now that can talk to me? I'm just so depressed. I don't know who I am any more. I have lost it. I've gone insane. ... I don't know who I am. :( msn: yahoo: ad me if you'd like to talk.. I just don't know what to...
  14. Darvon1982

    just asking for prayers

    Hey guys I'm asking for prayers because my mom and I are not getting along at all. I have been her employer for about 4 years, she's told me what to do off and on through out these years, of course I would get paid for it. Last week I was slacking on work and it made her really mad. We are not...
  15. Darvon1982

    If you had the opportunity to make $1million within a year and...

    If you had the opportunity to make $1 million dollars within a years time, and actually make the $1 million dollars, and continually make $1 million dollars a year.... If for some odd reason your life changed just like that in one year.. What would you do with your money and why? What's the...
  16. Darvon1982

    Do u think mj helped make hats to be a fashion trend?

    I think he has. As I was looking around in the stores, so many hats reminded me of MJ. Even the clothing... I seen a shirt with a zipper across it. Did the BEAT IT Jacket inspire that? .. If we already have a fashion trend thread, I'm sorry about that.
  17. Darvon1982

    How can I tell how much my memoribilia is worth?

    I'm in desperate need of some money. I put a thread here... and here If I could sell any of these items for $1,000 or more I think I would do it right now. I am behind on bills...
  18. Darvon1982

    This is it lyrics: Wanna be starting somethin

    There may be a thread for this and if so please give me the link. :) I really want to know what he says on the 2nd verse LOL Amy
  19. Darvon1982

    Tape on fingers- MJ style

    Dumb question but i wan t to get it right tonight. I want to wear tape on my fingers. He only wore them on his right hand and on his first finger and pinkie correct? I dont wanna mess up his style...:)
  20. Darvon1982

    Urgent Req: MJ sony demo pictures

    I need some pics from the sony demo in 2002. ANY pics yall can give me :)