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    It's a new one, from a misterious chinese company called KING OF FIGURES. Last time was Toys Power who tryied to produce an MJ Doll, now this one. (Same company maybe?) This is a prototype, maybe available during the first Q 2017. Ele74 ;D
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    New dangerous 25 photobook/infobook

    As we all unfortunately know Dangerous 25 celebration has been just an online marketing opportunity for Sony and the Estate, so I think it could be nice to advise about a new, pretty cool, Dangerous 25 photobook/infobook from "Cool Pop Tribute". After Beyoncé and Shakira, they made a special...
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    (i like) the way you love me

    Hi all, (I LIKE) THE WAY YOU LOVE ME will be next single from MICHAEL. Airplay in Italy approx. mid June (TBC). I suppose could be also around Europe as well. Ele74
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    Michael: Exclusive inside details

    I don't know if this has been already posted... if so... please cancel the post.... today we had a two hour session with journalist listening MICHAEL, the definitive record. So, i was wrong when i thought probably was a digipack. It's a normal cd case, with round sticker announcing the most...
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    Mj official 2011 calendar

    I don't know if already been posted. :scratch: source: Ele74:punk:
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    New worldwide mj magazine is coming...

    Hi all, don't know if someone already posted or not... just found this new mag out next year.... :punk: Ele
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    [press release + exclusive picture!] - kenny ortega announced as show director

    MICHAEL JACKSON KING OF POP Kenny Ortega Announced As Show Director (May 12th, 2009) – The streets of Hollywood are buzzing; Michael Jackson mania is in full swing 5,500 miles away from The O2 arena – the home of his historic 50 concerts this summer. Kenny Ortega, the renowned Director...