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  1. iboz75

    Black Dynamite

    Lets talk. Who want's to start?:unsure:
  2. iboz75

    What is your greatest MJJ memory?

    this would have to be something Michael has done to forever change your life or a specific event that lives with you forever. Maybe you met him? Maybe you went to a concert? Maybe it was just camping out side of hhis house or hotel room and got to get a glimspe of him from the window? maybe his...
  3. iboz75

    My first MJJ party-Need your help

    I'm throwing a Michael Jackson party in a few weeks and I need ideas from you guys about activities. So far, I have karioke, MJJ trivia, and thriller dance off (depending on how many people show up if there is a lot we'll have to move it out to the alley). I want ot keep things positve and...
  4. iboz75

    For MJJ fans who live in the Chicagoland area!

    Come to my party:jump: Here are the details :holiday:!/event.php?e...2934&ref=mf I posted this thread here because I didn't think this beloned in general discussion :cheers:
  5. iboz75

    August 29th/June 2th 2010. Who's going to visit Michael?

    I'm interested in knowin if there will be a group assembled to go to Forest Lawn Cemetery on eighter June 25th, or August 29th. I'm heading out there (from Chicago). I'll be alone, and I wanted to meet up with fellow fans.
  6. iboz75

    Missing Michael

    Well, it's coming up on 9 months since Michael Jackson's death. In the past, I've blogged about my feelings on how I'm dealing with his death. It hasn't been easy. This blog is about how much I still miss him. Sunday night, I was in one of my moods and decided to watch This Is It for the...
  7. iboz75

    We already know that Michael is the greatest dancer in the world...

    So do you think that Michael is the greatest singer? I refuse to use past-tense. :wub:
  8. iboz75

    Michael's relationship with his family

    :scratch:Do does anyone know why Michael began to distance himself from his brothers/sisters? I already have an idea about why he distance himself from Joe, especially based on his actions in the past 6 months. But do you think that there was a specific incident, or falling out that prompted his...
  9. iboz75

    Profess your love!

    Make it known to all the world how much you love our dearest. This will be the "I love you, Michael" Thread. I want this thread to be 1000+ pages long. Any time you want to tell Michael you love him post it here. You can post here 1 time or 1000. Your choice. I'll...
  10. iboz75

    Little things

    What were the little things about Michael that you loved and brightened your day? Just the mere image of Michael being seen in publex rocking his Ed Hardy clothes would make me giggle. I also loved his hands, and how he touvhed things. He has these huge hands, with long fingers but would touch...
  11. iboz75

    MJ Nike air force 1

    So does anyone own a pair? Where did you get them from? I found a few sites that have them, but I'm apprehensive about buying them, because they are from sites and compaies I've never heard of.
  12. iboz75

    Does anyone know where I can find...

    The motown audition tape in its entirty? I've only seen it once, then they pulled it off youtube
  13. iboz75

    I knew this would happen eventually

    I'm think about taking a Michael-hiatus. This has just become too much for me in the past month and I need a break. Now that all of the news is starting to die down, and I'm become more accepting of the situation, I might as well just get on with my life. Without Michael. these fan sites are...
  14. iboz75

    Michael in India

    There is a video out there of Michael accepting an award in India. He was dressed so freaking nice. Can anyone find this?
  15. iboz75

    I'm so sorry, Michael.

    I wasn't the greatest fan. when the Bashit video first aired, I was kinda mad at Michael for exposing the weird parts of his life and making people think he was so strange. Especially after that scene with him holding hands with Gavin Arvizo. When the neverland raid hit, and the trial, I was mad...
  16. iboz75

    For those who actually met Michael...

    When you had preconcieved ideas on how Michael is, did your impression change after you met him? How? wht did you learn about him that you didn't know before?
  17. iboz75

    Why did you love Michael?

    What made you love Michael in the first place? I'm still trying to figure out why I loved him. Why so many people love him. What made him so attractive to so many people. Why do I feel love for a man who I have never met?:wub:
  18. iboz75

    What this experience means to me

    Here's another blog. I find it therapeutic because I'm able to better deal with my feeling in this way. So here we are, nearly 3 weeks since Michael Jackson died. I think I went through all of the Kubler-Ross's so called 5 stages of grief. Denial: "Oh, no, Michael Jackson is not dead. This...
  19. iboz75

    Since Michael'sa death, does his music have a different meaning?

    Songs that you didn't like before, do you find yourself listening to them now? Falling in love with tunes all over again? getting a new meaning out of them? It's happening with me. Gone Too Soon was a song that I have dismissed all of these years, but now, I feel that he was singing more about...
  20. iboz75

    I got some tattoos today. Can you guess of who/what?

    I've never had a tattoo before, and I was so scared at first. It really wasn't as bad as I imagined it. I'm getting another one in a couple of weeks.:punk: