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  1. StarTrader

    Calling all fans in Leicester

    Basically, selling loads of MJ stuff cause I'm moving house. Need to get rid ASAP i.e in the next few days. Selling books, magazines, t-shirts, rare items, dolls, badges etc. Pick up only. PM me for more details :)
  2. StarTrader

    Selling my MJ Opus

    Hi guys, i wanna sell my opus, PM me ASAP if you're interested. Thanks :)
  3. StarTrader

    EXCLUSIVE-Michael Jackson's Band Rehearsal 14th May 2009 Thanks to Pearl Jr.
  4. StarTrader

    REQ: Beat It Pic

    Can someone upload a high quality version of this pic of MJ: Thank you :)
  5. StarTrader

    MJ logos and trademark moves

    Hey, can you guys post HIGH QUALITY pics of the MJ logo's and trademark MJ moves? Like this: Feel free to post whichever ones you have. Thank you :D
  6. StarTrader

    Where can I buy a fedora hat?

    I want to get one as similar as possible to the type MJ wears when he does Billie Jean or Smooth Criminal. I've checked Ebay and Amazon and some sites on google, but haven't really seen anything very similar to MJ's. Any help? Thank you :)
  7. StarTrader

    James Ingram talks about MJ recording PYT Very funny clip :rofl:
  8. StarTrader

    MJ t-shirt ideas

    I want to get a custom made MJ t shirt. Post your fave MJ pics and design ideas. :punk::D
  9. StarTrader

    Anyone with a hsbc debit card? Need help urgently!

    I was soo close to just getting tickets. Anyway, it asked me for a MASTER SECURITY CODE of some sorts and told me to type a code and than retype it was was i emant to type there? Cause it wudnt let the transaction go through! :( :(
  10. StarTrader

    KOP is Number 1 album on UK Itunes

    I guess it was a popular christmas present this year. On Christmas day it had risen to number 2 and two days later it is at number 1 :)
  11. StarTrader

    Michael Jackson's Business Empire Rebuilt

    Michael Jackson's Business Issues Michael Jackson's people did not only resolve his legal issues, but rebuilded his financial empire as well. Below you may see an overview of Jackson's known business entities: MANAGEMENT Name: MJJ Legacy LLC Profile: Management (Newly established, exact...
  12. StarTrader

    Your fave song off each of The Jacksons albums

    The Jacksons - Dreamer Goin' Places - Different Kind Of Lady Destiny - Shake Your Body (Down To The Ground) Triumph - Time Waits For No One Victory - Torture 2300 Jackson Street -
  13. StarTrader

    Eddie Griffin, Goes off on Paps asking about Michael!

    Eddie Griffin -- Jackson Makes Him Michael Posted Nov 14th 2008 12:11PM by TMZ Staff In one of the great profanity-laced tirade's we've ever seen, Eddie Griffin exploded all over our photog in Hollywood last night after we asked a simple question about the comic's good friend Michael...
  14. StarTrader

    [NEW PHOTOS] Actor Rick Fox collided with MJ's SUV, MJ was NOT in the SUV at the time

    Actor Rick Fox collided with MJ's SUV, whilst MJ was making a medical visit. Luckily everything is okay. Some photos:
  15. StarTrader

    Hugh Laurie interviews Michael Jackson- A Bit of Fry and Laurie- BBC Comedy :lol:
  16. StarTrader

    NEW MJ pics and video - Off the wall antique store

    MICHAEL JACKSON has bought himself a new aeroplane. The King of Pop was spotted browsing in antique store Off The Wall on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles on Thursday (23Oct08) and managed to snap up a silver model plane before the paparazzi descended on the place and he was forced to flee in an...
  17. StarTrader

    Do you have problems playing the HIStory DVD's on your comp?

    So I bought the boxset from HMV for £10.99 today and neither of them are playing on my comp On DVD 1 it only gets up to the SMV logo at the beginning and DVD 2 loads until the menu and a bit of the teaser starts playing (you see the marching legs) but than it just freezes. I've tried opening...
  18. StarTrader

    Pete Burns (Dead or Alive frontman) talks about MJ in his book

    I don't remember this being posted before, but the other day I came across Pete Burns's book in the library and his perspective on MJ is quite interesting. So I've just typed it up to share with you and spark a little discussion: Michael Jackson: I couldn't follow his trial in 2005 because...
  19. StarTrader

    Your favourite Jamaican songs

    List all your favourite ska, rocksteady, reggae, dancehall etc. songs. :cheers: