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    History could have been better

    There are a couple songs on the album that could have been replaced with more commercial friendly tracks that were recorded in the same era. Thay said, I still would not change a thing on the album - he put his heart and soul into it and that is a large part of what I personally look for in his...
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    Did Michael Jackson wear false eyelashes in video clips/ tours??

    Of course, Michael wore false eyelashes on many occasions - both on and off stage. Eyelashes do not get longer and thicker with age.
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    Why is the Estate so lazy when it comes to 4K restorations?

    I believe they are holding out and delaying intentionally. They probably have it done and are sitting on it for something specific.
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    Ron Burkle Restoring Neverland

    Yeah, I've seen a couple in town here at an ostrich Festival. I just wanted to make sure other fans understood that it's not the actual rides. I just don't want people thinking that when they finish with what they are doing, it represents the pinnacle of what it was... It still looked very...
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    Ron Burkle Restoring Neverland

    I'm glad they are doing something with the property, I just have to spot out that these rides are not the originals that MJ had.
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    Did MJ ever talk about the rise of Napster/MP3's and the decline of physical albums?

    Michael spoke on it, he encouraged people to buy music but did state that he believes the legal reprimand for illegal DL's is too harsh.
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    Was Michael Jackson Autistic?

    Many have this cliché view of what autism is. I am not saying MJ was autistic but I figured this would be a decent thread to make the comment. There are millions of undiagnosed people on the autism spectrum, and the personality traits greatly vary. There is no medical tests that can be done...
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    Has the estate ever at one point asked us the fans what we would like?

    Xscape album is an example of them taking fan feedback... After the Michael album BS, and the complaints they got, they definitely addressed their desire for contemporary sound while giving the fans the original untampered sounds which we advocated for ie. the two versions of each song on the...
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    The dumb reactions of laughter or held in laughter about mention of Neverland is annoying.
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    The Michael Jackson Chart Watch

    Billie Jean hit 1 BILLION views today!
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    The Michael Jackson Chart Watch

    I'm sure someone has this, and I know I've seen posts about it in the past... But does anyone have on hand Michael stream #'s (pandora, Apple music, youtube, and/or Spotify) on an annual bases? I am trying to gather triumphant sale numbers under since his passing. Any info that would fit...
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    [Discussion] Sexual Abuse Claims Against MJ Estate - Robson/ Safechuck/ Doe

    ^ You have every reason to be excited. An appeal is simply requesting a higher level of law to consider to go against the judges ruling. After Finaldi taking his last moments in front of the judge to insult his character - it does not show much respect to the justice system.
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    Post Trial Songs (2005-2009)

    06-09 songs that may or may have not been mentioned.. I copied/pasted this from some old notes of mine so excuse any repeat titles from earlier posts. Lady of Summer Hollywood Tonight Shut Up and Dance Rock Tonight Adore You Breath I Am That One Everybody Wants to Be a Movie Star Beautiful...
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    Post Trial Songs (2005-2009)

    There are fan recordings of every song that did not make This Is It documentary, Not all have been publicly shared with the fan community.
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    What did MJ actually eat/drink?

    His diet changed over the years. - There was a time he was vegetarian - His doctors told him to start incorporate white meat & fish. - There was a time where he would fast every Sunday, on those fasting days he would dance for hours. - He enjoyed Fried Chicken ie. KFC - Had a sweet...
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    Taj Jackson's MJ Documentary - Updates and Discussion [MERGED]

    Thank you very much!! AndJustice4Some is on board too. :) I'm glad she is too.
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    Taj Jackson's MJ Documentary - Updates and Discussion [MERGED]

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    They Dont Care About Us EXPLODING in popularity - becoming MJs most influential song? Re-release?

    All in all, this could have been the perfect HIStory 25 for several reasons.. But hey, maybe at 50... :/
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    New MJ content (Possibility)

    Re: New MJ content? mmmm, The paper says "warner-Tamerlane". That seems suspicious to me. It would be very odd for the Estate to do anything Warner related considering the HBO ordeal. Just sayin'