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  1. Travis

    I miss this place

    I know it was inevitable and natural, but I miss the old days where this place was so active. I enjoyed coming and reading all the latest and now I pop in every once in a while and see little activity. It's so sad. I wish everyone would come back. :(
  2. Travis

    Give it up for Diana Ross

    With so many iconic deaths in the past few years, it has made me think of Diana Ross and her incredible life, career, and legacy. Where is the love for this woman who is a pioneer in so many ways? I thought I'd show her my respect and share my favorite song with you all. So gorgeous and gets...
  3. Travis

    Jobs Jobs Jobs

    I know many fans here are on the young side, but I am looking for a part time job and I am having zero luck. I don't really need it, but I want to help out my husband and give us more spending money. I would like it to be not too demanding. Anyone else out there searching? Have any ideas? I'd...
  4. Travis

    Jem And The Holograms - The Complete Collection

    In honor of the newly released DVD box set of the animated series (Jem And The Holograms - The Truly Outrageous Complete Series), I have compiled and "remastered" all the songs for all the fans out there. Enjoy! Jem And The Holograms - The Complete Collection
  5. Travis

    Indie Artists

    I wanted to start a discussion for indie artists that we may be in to. I'll go first: Samantha Newark's new album, "Somethin' Good" is coming out on October 21st. Samantha got her start as the voice of Jem, of Jem and The Holograms and continued with voice acting, background singing (Leonard...
  6. Travis


    Anyone watch the new ThunderCats reboot? It premiered this past Friday on the Cartoon Network. I instantly fell in love. They did a fantastic job with the old series by adding depth, back story, and more emotion. It was rather epic. Mumm-Ra is even scarier than before!
  7. Travis


    Anyone else here keep an aquarium be it salt or fresh water? I keep two salt water aquariums. I never thought I'd be the type to get so in to something such as fish, but they fascinate me and are so incredibly relaxing to watch. Here's a pic of my newest fish friend. Got him yesterday!: And...
  8. Travis

    Jem Returns To Television!

    My favorite cartoon of all time returns to television! It last aired in 1993 on the USA Network. They'll be running a 5 episode marathon. Here's the info!
  9. Travis

    R.I.P. "Macho Man" Randy Savage

    As a big time wresting fan, Randy was one of my all-time favorites as a kid and one of the most influential wrestling performers to have ever stepped foot in to the ring. He's a huge wrestling legend. Unfortunately, it wasn't until this past year that the WWE paid his career and achievements any...
  10. Travis

    Michael - A Celebration

    Ignoring the controversy and the sadness behind the album, doesn't it feel great to be able to discuss a new Miohael Jackson album? As I said before, ignoring the controversy and the fact that MJ isn't with us, being here and discussing these "new" songs with fans feels so good. For just a...
  11. Travis

    CascioWhy Are We Hung Up On Cascio Tracks?

    Why are we hung up on Cascio tracks but not "Hollywood Tonight"??? Am I missing something or is this track very reminiscent of the Cascio tracks in vocals and overall production and yet hardly anyone has made the connection? Instead, the conspiracy theorists go on and on about "Keep Your Head...
  12. Travis

    Michael - Your Additions

    So most of us have more than likely heard all the tracks. I was wondering if anyone else is going to add any tracks that leaked but didn't make the cut to the album? I personally had to add "Do You Know Where Your Children Are" and "Blue Gangsta" because they are great songs and sound complete...
  13. Travis

    My Birthday Gift

    Wanna see what the hubby (Michael) got me for my b'day (Aug 17)?!?! Ta-dah! Meet our new chihuahua, Dottie! She's 3 months old and cute as a button (whatever that means): She's the sweetest little girl and I love that solitary black dot on her side, which is how she got her name. Potty...
  14. Travis

    Britney Spears

    I want to ask a question... Why the hate? I browse music sites all over the net, and one thing is consistent - MEAN, NASTY, terrible hate for Britney Spears. I just got through reading one of the most mean spirited topics at another forum regarding Britney and it really breaks my heart. I...
  15. Travis

    Prop 8 Overturned In California

    How come no one is talking about this? This is a great day for gay rights! Maybe now I can finally get that marriage license!!!
  16. Travis

    Pets & Fleas

    So, I have lots of pets. Soon to be 6 dogs (3 on the way) and 5 cats. So, obviously, I use flea meds. Well, I always worry about the animals licking each other and getting sick since the topical flea ointments contain chemicals (and some even pesticides). Any pet lovers/owners out there have...
  17. Travis

    Guinness world records: M “top-selling female recording artist”

    GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS: M “TOP-SELLING FEMALE RECORDING ARTIST” July 1st, 2010 From Guinness World Records 2011 (American...
  18. Travis

    Diane Demon On The View!

    Did anyone catch Diane Demon on The View, Friday? She was spilling her usual venom and pushing some new book, trying to cash in on MJ's death. Such a sorry piece of work she is! What particularly annoyed me is that she was peddling her usual bag of lies and trying to convince the cohosts that...
  19. Travis

    Artist Tributes To The King Of Pop

    I thought it would be nice to share examples or videos of other artists showing their love and appreciation for the greatest artist to grace this Earth, Michael Jackson. I'll get us started with Madonna's tribute (It would have been so great to have seen them on stage together as planned before...
  20. Travis

    Your Favorite MJ Collection And Why

    We all know there are many MJ collections floating around out there, but which is your favorite? I enjoy different ones for different reasons, but if I had to pick one, it would "The Ultimate Collection". I love the packaging and all the previously unreleased tracks like "We've Had Enough" which...