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  1. claire64

    Thriller Live, Cardiff

    Hi guys, i went to see Thriller Live for the first time in Cardiff last night... I have to say what an amazing show, i loved every minute. My hands are sore from clapping and my voice was very croaky (i thought it sounded sexy lol) this morning. Even though i loved the show i was also very sad...
  2. claire64

    Michael memorabilia on Price-drop tv

    Found this on Price-drop tv..coming on sunday. I want the gold Bad disc but my funds are low... edit... just placed a bid..:naughty:
  3. claire64

    Sick NYPost article..take action now! **WARNING - very nasty, graphic article** This is just sick, racist offensive ill-informed trash. How dare this Peyser woman get away with this? I,m sick of this shit being allowed in print. This is not journalism its a charater assassination on an...
  4. claire64

    Giant Posters

    I found these on ebay and would sooooooooooo love to do my room out in them. It would be awesome.
  5. claire64

    My New MJ Bag...

    Had this waiting for me when i got home from work today... I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT...:clapping:
  6. claire64

    sent a christmas card to MJ

    Today i sent a christmas card to Michael at Forest Lawn, Glendale. Do you think it will be delivered to him there? Its a beautiful card and as soon as i seen it i had to send it.
  7. claire64

    Going to see Will Young

    I am going to my first live concert since i went to see Michael in 1988 at Wembly Stadium (been a recluse through my married years, not any more though) and i'm so looking forward to seeing Will Young, he is a great UK artist and so underated imo. I'm going to Cardiff International Arena with...
  8. claire64

    HMV TII release date!!!!

    Errrmm! i been on HMV and their pre-order release date for TII dvd is 01-01-2014,.... this can't be right!
  9. claire64

    Taryll has accident

    just read this on Taj's Twitter taj Taryll had a serious accident at his place today.I came over right away & he was a bloody mess.His nose is broken.Thank god it wasn't worse. about 1 hour ago from web taj I'm still a little shaken up by it all. But the main point is that he will be okay in...
  10. claire64

    my new tattoo, butterflies

    just had this done, still sore lol :clapping:
  11. claire64

    Say hi if your back

    geeze its nice to be back in the community. give a big HI if your back :better:
  12. claire64

    Your support

    i didnt know where to post this so i hope its ok in here. i just want to thank Gaz and all the mods for a sterling job they have done in getting our community back. you guys are just great and you must all be frazzled. your support last night and this morning has been exceptional. :thanks_sign...
  13. claire64

    Montage pics i made

    not sure how these will look on here but they are made up of over 800 MJ pics. they do look better from a distance.
  14. claire64

    any meetups for exhibition at o2?

    i was wondering if there are going to be any meet-ups for the exhibition. this is something i have been thinking about lately... i want to see this but i also am not sure, i mean do i really want to see MJ's clothes and things?(empty shells) i am so torn, i don't know what to think. but i do...
  15. claire64

    Tii showing in my vue cinema

    my nearest VUE cinema (Cardiff) is advertising TII as coming soon. :clapping::clapping::clapping: my nearest Cineworld one isn't showing anything yet. i emailed them and got the usual response.. "details will be released a few weeks before" blah blah blah... edit.... take that back..Cineworld...
  16. claire64

    Acappella medley tribute. awesome found this guy doing his MJ tribute, its amazing, look close its just one guy.