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  1. TarinJade

    Lawrence Jackson has died (Joe's brother)

    Just saw this on Facebook:
  2. TarinJade

    My trip to California and Forest Lawn, 2016 (WARNING:PIC HEAVY!)

    Hi everyone, I'm not as active a poster as I used to be, but I'm still here! I took a week long trip to California last month, and during my stay I took some time to visit Forest Lawn. I'd like to share that experience with all of you and other things that I did! I went to Forest Lawn on...
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    Is anyone aware of this book?

    I haven't see any posts about this particular book. I saw it at Barnes and Noble two weeks ago: "Michael Jackson FAQ" by Kit O'Toole. It was published last October. I flipped through it briefly and it looked...
  4. TarinJade

    Magnetic Nail Polish

    So I tried this for the first time tonight: Magnetix Nail Polish. It's a bottle that comes with two magnets, both of which have different designs. After putting on a coat, you hold the magnet to the nail (without touching it), for 15-20 seconds. When you lift the magnet, the design will be on...
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    New copy of "Mona Lisa" discovered in Spain

    Earliest copy of Mona Lisa found in Prado Experts say the painting was completed at the same time as Leonardo’s original By Martin Bailey. Conservation, Issue 232, February 2012 A copy of the Mona Lisa has been discovered in the Prado which was painted in Leonardo’s studio—created side...
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    Michael warming up his voice?

    Several years ago, I saw a video posted on here that was from YouTube. It was footage of Michael from MSG 2001, and in between songs, he was warming up his voice or something to that effect. I cannot find the thread that it was posted in, and I can't find the video on YouTube either. Does...
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    Looking for HQ of this picture.

    Does anyone have this wonderfully done image larger and HQ? If so, you get a cookie!
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    New Postcards by Pyramid International

    I'm surprised that I haven't seen this on here yet. Maybe this should be merged with the trading cards thread? :unsure:
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    Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Strips

    I recently tried these: I used the one pictured above, called Laced Up. Here are some more colors and patterns: I read a lot of good reviews for these and saw how quickly they were selling out everywhere. But my experience wasn't the same. :( They are supposed to be long-lasting, up to...
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    History Tour Program

    Are these two items the same, just with different covers?
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    Leslie Nielsen died :(

    He was great in Airplane! and the Naked Gun movies. :lol: Moonwalk at 2:09
  12. TarinJade

    Where is this picture from?

    I've never seen it before. Sorry for the depressing text on it.
  13. TarinJade

    [REQ] The full version of this History Tour pic?

    Does anyone out there have a full version of this picture? I love it so.
  14. TarinJade

    NPR's "Sound Opinion"-show on Michael

    I've got NPR on right now and they're playing a repeat of their show "Sound Opinion." It's an interview with Nelson George, author of the book Thriller: The Musical Life of Michael Jackson. link-- under "previous shows."
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    Michael Jackson "Non-Stop" CD?

    What is this? There's no description of track listings or anything.
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    Worried right now...

    I found out about an hour ago that my uncle suffered a massive heart attack earlier today and has been airlifted to Mt. Sinai in NY for emergency surgery. Apparently he has a 6-cm tear in his aorta. :( He was conscious and speaking in the hospital, so I guess that's encouraging. And now we...
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    REQ: Dangerous-era photoshoot(s)

    I've been seeing some new (to me) photos from these shoots popping up. Does anyone have others? :flowers:
  18. TarinJade

    Anyone ever had Jury Duty?

    I just received a Jury Duty notice today. I was called four years ago but I ended up not having to go, so I've never really experienced it before, and I may not have to this time. Anyone here ever served on a jury? Any interesting or funny stories to share about the selection process and/or...
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    "Joey, have you ever been in a Turkish prison?"

    'Mission: Impossible' star Peter Graves dies in LA AP LOS ANGELES – Peter Graves, whose calm and intelligent demeanor was a good fit to the intrigue of "Mission Impossible" as well as the satire of the "Airplane" films, has died. Graves passed away Sunday just a few days before his 84th...
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    REQ: HQ without logo

    Does anyone have this picture, HQ and without any markings or logos on it? I plan to order a print of it and frame it: