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  1. simon89

    Picture of Michael at the Amsterdam ArenA tour

    Came back from a trip to Amsterdam today, and whilst on a tour of the Amsterdam ArenA (yes, the last "A" is in capitals!) I saw a picture of Michael while we walked down a stairway that shows those who have performed and played there. Thought it would be interesting to post. Sorry I couldn't...
  2. simon89

    TheTimes: "£500 for Michael Jackson comeback show tickets as promoter in secret deal"

    £500 for Michael Jackson comeback show tickets as promoter in secret deal By Patrick Foster, Dan Sabbagh and Adam Sherwin Fans desperate to see Michael Jackson’s comeback performances could have to pay more than ten times the face value of the tickets after the shows’ promoters struck a secret...
  3. simon89

    Would love to see Jennifer Batten on guitar again!

    Wouldn't it be cool if Jennifer was on guitar once again for Michael?
  4. simon89

    HQ Album Covers Thread (post them here!)

    I see threads asking for high quality covers, booklets etc. So why not post them here? I can create a list of links here so you can jump to each post with the cover. How does that sound? :)
  5. simon89

    The Music of Final Fantasy (Nobuo Uematsu)

    Anyone a fan of the Final Fantasy Original Soundtracks? :punk:
  6. simon89

    HIStory Tour question

    After Black or White, what is the purpose / meaning of Michael crouching behind the wall of speakers, the wall crashing down, and the air raid siren? Is it a distraction to prepare for the effects used in Earth Song? Or could it be about war, chaos, destruction, etc.?
  7. simon89

    [REQ] Dangerous Tour Logo

    Anyone have a high quality logo from the Dangerous Tour? I have seen the one with the eyes, and one with a blue/black background. Anyone know what I'm poorly describing? Ha ha!
  8. simon89

    Anyone have dates for the Destiny and Triumph Tours?

    I can't seem to find the dates for the Destiny and Triumph Tours. Does anyone have them? Thanks in advance.
  9. simon89

    Anyone have the MJJBoard Bad Era picture in better quality? has this Bad Tour/Era picture on their forum header. Does anyone have it in original quality? Thanks in advance.
  10. simon89

    [REQ] One More Chance pictures

    Can you post your One More Chance video pictures here? The video, or anything related to. Thanks! Appreciate it!
  11. simon89

    What's better? Yokohama 1987 or Bucharest 1992?

    I started this thread on MJNO, and thought I would revive it on here. So what do you prefer?
  12. simon89

    If you have to perform 5 MJ songs live on stage...

    If you had the choice of 3 songs to perform on stage what would they be? You would have Michael's tour band, lights and moves! :punk: Mine would be in Bad Tour style: 1. Wanna Be Startin' Somethin' 2. Another Part Of Me 3. Human Nature 4. Black or White (Dangerous Tour style w/ Slash :P) 5...
  13. simon89

    59 new Bad Tour pictures added to!

    The title speaks for itself! Check it out here:
  14. simon89

    The Bad Tour Discussion Thread

    Thought I should start a thread to discuss the best world tour ever!
  15. simon89

    Concerts at night time and daytime

    I was watching Human Nature from Dangerous Tour Stockholm 1992 and being in bright daylight, you can see things much clearer. Even when Michael "walks into the night" at the end, you can see everyone assisting him with his costume etc. etc. Then I saw clips from Munich and Bucharest 1992 etc...
  16. simon89

    Off the Wall or Invincible?

    What do you prefer?