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    Official digital release of Todo Para Ti in 2003 ?

    Was Todo Para Ti included in the digital edition What More Can I Give single in 2003?
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    Best non-MJ perfomanses to Motown 25?

    We all know Michael's grand performance at this evening. What other performances / performers would you like to celebrate?
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    Why is the Human Nature music video ignored?

    Why is the Human Nature music video ignored? An excerpt from it was in Moonwalker. And the full version is on Youtube:
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    Jermaine (Motown vs Arista)

    What period do you prefer?
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    Why didn't Michael include ABC as part of J5 Medley on his tours?

    After all, ABC is arguably a more recognizable song in the world than The Love You Save, which is nonetheless present in the medley.
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    J5 backing vocals in brothers early solo songs?

    In what solo Michael songs did J5 sing along with him? Backing vocalists did not receive recording credits in those years. It is difficult to establish. In some of Michael's songs, vocals reminiscent of Jermaine or Jackie are clearly audible, but it is not always sure that this is exactly...