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    I know this question has been asked before probably but was Tatiana and Michael together?

    Please don't get upset with me for asking but i never seen the answer to this question were they really together? Did Michael love her and why was she fired? Did Michael want her to be fired could he have stopped it? Or what was up with that?

    After the private service and public memorial in LA what will happen then?

    Will they then bury Michael? Or what? I heard something about them doing something in Gary Indiana?

    I feel less of a fan because i can't go view Michaels body

    But i love him with all my heart and i would really like to go but i can't and it really hurts because i feel less then a fan. Does that mean i am less then a fan because i'm not going to see his body? I want to say goodbye i am going to miss him so so much words can't express how much i will i...

    Any one travelling from the Detroit Area?

    If so message me i would like to go to Neverland to the memorial.

    There hasn't been official news stating if MJ will actually do tours in the US has it?

    Sorry if this is a re post or if someone has already answered this question but i wanted to know if MJ will in fact be touring in the US if so will it be this year?

    Myspace/Email accounts of fans

    Where is the list of the fan Myspace pages and email addresses? Sorry if there is already a thread about this but i couldn't find one. If there is a list could someone please post the link?