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  1. Billyjeanplxiv

    The Hologram Tour Thread

    While not confirmed at all. Some have suggested the Billboard Show performance could be followed by a Xscape Tour via Hologram. If this was to happen, I would support it. Michael was about innovation, doing something nobody has seen before. In Japan a fictional girl band is displayed as...
  2. Billyjeanplxiv

    Would you Welcome Back XSCAPE's PRODUCTION TEAM? For Future Albums.

    After hearing Xscape, and many of the other songs. Would you welcome back: Timbaland, Stargate, J-Roc and Darkchild (Rodney Jerkins) back for Future Posthumous albums? I say, yes. 100%. Every track is good in its own way and I can't point out one track I am not completely satisfied with in...
  3. Billyjeanplxiv

    Slave To The Rhythm (Timbaland 2014) Stream

    Heres the thread for the STTR Timbaland 2014 mix. Im sure by now we all know where to go for these streams. The Stream is in 35 minutes from the time I post this. Let the countdown begin. We are Slaves to the Rhythm.
  4. Billyjeanplxiv

    A Place Without No Name (Stargate 2014) Stream its beginning soon, post thoughts and appreciations toward the new production here. OMG ITS KILLER.
  5. Billyjeanplxiv

    Chicago is on Sony Music Unlimited, 30 second Snippet preview has been released.

    Chicago is on Sony Music Unlimited, 30 second Snippet preview has been released. The Full version is open to users of the service, and I believe free trails. It sounds disjointed at first but it really comes together. Its a good song, not sure what I like more the JT LNFSG or Chicago. The...
  6. Billyjeanplxiv

    XSCAPE - Do You Know & Love Never Felt

    With DYKWYCA pretty much confirmed to be on the next album, a good question I have for the song (as well as LNFSG). The Michael Album outtakes of DYKWYCA and LNFSG seem to just have overdubs. With Xscape do you expect these tracks just to have overdubs? or do you think the Estate finally...
  7. Billyjeanplxiv

    Michael Jackson’s Musical Treasure Trove: Looted and Leaked

    he simply asks fans to stop leaking material, and he goes over the recent leaks. "If an unseen Picasso draft or sketch was discovered, but it was only partially complete, would it be acceptable for one of today’s artists to come in, fill the gaps, choose the colours, the thickness of the...
  8. Billyjeanplxiv

    MJ Hologram ONE is this really in the show?
  9. Billyjeanplxiv

    Inside Hollywood Tonight: New Video

    I created this video, forgive me. I was too close to the microphone. Otherwise I think it turned out all right. I focused on this particular track because I think it is the most interesting song we have hear from Michael since his death. Hopefully some of this information is new to some of...
  10. Billyjeanplxiv

    The WBSS 2008 Appreciation Thread

    Wanna Be Startin' Something 2008 was Michael Jackson's Last released song he sang. It appeared on Thriller 25, got a single release, and a mini video featuring clips of Michael with Akon singing. The song includes brand new Michael Jackson vocals and backgrounds. These were recorded at...
  11. Billyjeanplxiv

    To Be Realisitic

    I haven't made a thread in a long time. I rarely post here now, but if I have something to say...ill share my thoughts. Id like to ask fans to be realistic. I've heard some were under the impression that future Michael Jackson material will be untouched. I was under the opposite impression. I'm...
  12. Billyjeanplxiv

    All I Need [Demo Snippet]

    Here you go loves. Play nicely. *removed*
  13. Billyjeanplxiv

    All I Need [Demo Snippet]

    yea you go loves. Weather or not its michael. thats for yo
  14. Billyjeanplxiv

    Billyjeanplxiv's Art

    This is a Michael painting i worked on originally from March 2011-June 2011. School ended so i never got to finish it the way i wanted ti to be. Senior year came, and from April-May 2012 i pulled it out and reworked alot into it. I hope you enjoy it. Here i will post images of it during various...
  15. Billyjeanplxiv

    Fans want Quality Petition

    I was thinking, Michael's Films arent going to last forever unless digitally perserved. Film degrades over time, and after awhile it requires restoration. I have been thinking lately. I think Michael's Short Films need a BETTER QUALITY release than what we have got in the past. From the quaility...
  16. Billyjeanplxiv

    I Need a Little Help

    My Computer recently broke and on top of that i recently lost my Microsoft Word. So I get Homework,...and it needs Microsoft word to open. I head to my laptop and it cant support it becuase that Word is too old. Upon failing to torrent the program i decided to post here to see if a fellow fan...
  17. Billyjeanplxiv

    Album Fonts

    I'd like to compile a list of fonts used on Michael Jackson's Albums. Im looking for the Invincible Album font...i think thats pretty cool. Thriller, and HIStory look pretty cool aswell.
  18. Billyjeanplxiv

    What I Was Hoping For....

    I'm a little late making this thjread, but as i look at the track list. They could add alot more to the original Bad CD. 1. The Ending Ad-Lib's MJ wanted at the end of MITM. These were sang during the '88 Grammys. 2. The Moonwalker extra verse of Smooth Criminal any more that you could think...
  19. Billyjeanplxiv

    BAD25 Promotion

    Im not sure if this will help support BAD25, but Bad25 is now ready on iTunes for Preorder, and if we all go on iTunes and like the Bad25 editions it may bring more attention for this release. Ive allready liked it. But As fans i believe we must do our part to make this the best release we can...
  20. Billyjeanplxiv

    Taryll Jackson: my life without -EP

    I just bought 3 songs from his EP off itune. I enjoy Doubt, and My Life without You. I also bout 4ever (i just liek it becuase) and im not that big of a fan of When you come Back 2 Earth, but it has a Hollywood Tonight like beatbox torward the middle and end of the song, so i like that :)...