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  1. Laurendaccio

    Stan Tournament :Vote for Michael .
  2. Laurendaccio

    Quincy Jones and O2 Arena have changed the title of the show .Please DEMAND A REFUND !

    This is a scam , the title was orignally "Off The Wall /Thriller" , they changed it for " 80's soundtracks" .Remember Oprah and John Legend are involved in this event . Fans who have bought their tickets should sk for a refund .
  3. Laurendaccio

    MJ Good News Thread

    Any good news , even the smallest ( even a positive mention of him in your relatives , family circles etc , if you have heard his songs on the radio ro television , good charts etc..) should be put in this thread to uplift our spirit . Mention if you heard about him on TV ...
  4. Laurendaccio

    Vital !! Sign the petition to maintain MJ One .
  5. Laurendaccio

    Please Vote for Michael and comment l
  6. Laurendaccio

    Oprah Yahoo article Please guys COMMENT !!
  7. Laurendaccio

    MJFam stream This Is It on Netflix , free for 30 days .

    Cancel when you are done .
  8. Laurendaccio

    Oprah Winfrey Network on Twitter ! Please leave comments ( facts and exposition ) .
  9. Laurendaccio

    Let's make sure we boycott the doc .

    EXCEPT FOR A FEW FANS WHO NEED THE INFORMATION . We need to make a concerted effort NOT to watch the doc and give HBO ratings . HBO and Dan Reed are principaly counting on us for the ratings . Please vote so that we have an idea of the fans community intentions .