Destiny continues

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"Destiny continues"

Written by Daz, Inspired by MJ
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"Can I listen? " He asked ever so heartbroken.
"Of course, Hun"
He pressed 'play' on the CD player and
all his worries seem to vanish in an instant.

Note of the author:
These are the 'remaining' parts of the story "Destiny"
Next story will be posted in FULL so
there will no 'confusion' in chapters anymore.
Enjoy, Daz.

~ Chapter THREE ~


"So, James? "
"Yeash, Mum" He looked up from his cereal.
"You really wanna go to school today? "
"UHHH" He pondered while sifting through his cereal.
She dried her hands on her kitchen towel and
came sitting next to him.
"I only worry, Hun. You know me, huh"

Vulnerable, he looked at her and only nodded 'yeash'.
"Why should I stay home, Mum?
Because of the nightmares?
Don't you think that is rather lame? "
He gulped his cereal in and it made her sigh.
"Good boy" She rubbed his hair as he pulled away and
protested for messing up his hairstyle now.

Worried, she sent him off to school and
was stopped by a lady presenting herself as
a playground guardian.
"Mrs. Heath? "
"Yeash" She turned around surprised.
"James Heath's Mum? "
"Yeash" she only answered like
she had been caught sneaking around.
"Is just James has really withdrawn himself lately.
Is everything alright at home? "
"Yeash, what's wrong now? " She sighed.
"Oh, I don't really want to worry you but I just noticed that
James sticks to this corner there."
She pointed a dark corner by the bikes.
"It's probably nothing but I just wanted to tell you this."
"Thanks" She shrugged as if to say
'why isn't he allowed to stand in that corner anyway?'
but she only smiled and said goodbye before getting in her car again.

All day, she had been thinking and worrying about James.
Was there really something wrong with him?
What he whispered last night really puzzled her?
He hadn't died yet, did he now?
He was only 5 and never really had been ill.
Oh well, the usual cold and flu but nothing really serious.

It was only when she came to pick him up from school at 2:30 that
she really worried now.
"No, leave me alone" he screamed at the bully and
lashed out to him. Instead of the bully been scolded,
both were detained and she had to locate him in the principal's office.
Of course, she demanded an answer.
The bully promised to let him off the hook and
he had to promise to be good too whatever that meant.

Once in the car, she asked if he was okay.
He only nodded at first and then spoke.
"I'm sowwy, Mummy but he started it."
"Well, don't continue then. Ignore him and he'll quit, okay."
He only nodded.
"Can I listen? " He asked ever so heartbroken.
"Of course, Hun"
He pressed 'play' on the CD player and
all his worries seem to vanish in an instant.
'Okay, its just the bullying. We can handle that' her mind stated.

~ Copyright 2015 ~

Written by Daz, Inspired by MJ
~ Chapter FOUR ~

So, life went on in the Heath family.
Though, mum hadn't told her hubby about the bullying,
she kept a 'close eye' on her son.
Indeed, it seemed he was more withdrawn and
drowned in thoughts. The nightmares were still
a daily feature. Dad claimed he'd 'grow out' of it one day.
When hey?

One day when she came to pick him up from school,
his grade teacher called out to her.
Of course, it worried her.
Was the bullying not enough?
The meeting was set for tomorrow evening as it seemed urgent to her.
James just took mum's hand and smiled.
Her heart melted into a puddle really as
she took him home and had to explain to her hubby why
his teacher needed to see them.
Her hubby fretted at her but she worried, really worried now.
James, in the meantime, was browsing the fridge for
his fave juice that he found when he uttered a cheer.

That evening came too soon and there they were.
The teacher had asked her to bring James along too.
Not aware of it, she did what was expected from her.
They were welcomed in a classroom.
His grade teacher also introduced a colleague of hers.
Once again polite hello's were exchanged.
Okay, bombshell time. Are you ready?

The nice lady in a two piece suit approached James and
lured him to a table with stuff on.
What was happening now?

James once glanced at his Mum for reassurance but
all she could do was nod that is was okay.
What else could she do?
Take her son and flee? Maybe, this was all for the best.
Maybe, the nightmares will ease off a little.
They surely needed to take the edge of it cause it worn them all out.

She began this conversation on a light note just
asking them how James was at home.
"He's fine, Mrs." Mr. Heath only shrugged impatient.
Mum was thinking of what to say.
Should she come clean about her worries now?
"He's a bit withdrawn and suffers from nightmares."
Mr. Heath rolled his eyes as if to say 'what would it help? '

"Yeah, that should explain why he's so tired and withdrawn but..."
she hesitated. How would you tell bombshell news?
Sugar coated or flat out pure?
She scraped her throat and hitted off her raid.
"Does he tell you stories? "
Both parents nodded 'NO'.
"He always listens to that same bloody music"
Mr. Heath heaved his voice to break through the heavy silence.

Mum looked at what James was doing.
It seemed like he was playing on a tab with the lady smiling at him.
"What kind of stories? " Mrs. heath finally asked once
she located her voice again.

It made the grade teacher sigh though.
"Does he watch the News, surf the net? "
"No" Mum only nodded. "He watches DVD's, that's all."
"DVD's? " She answered drowned in thougths.
"Which ones? "
"ehhh, Michael Jackson"
"Now, that is the problem" she blurted out.
"See, Kate. I told you."
"Okay, let me get to the point now."
"Finally" Mr. Heath bellowed throwing his hands in the air.
"Do you believe in reincarnation? "
"What? " She asked bedazzled.
"For Gee sake, just tell us what is wrong with our son."
He was getting fed up with this velvet approach.
A problem is problem, period!

His grade teacher named 'Faye' only glanced at her colleague.
She still wore that darn smile as James was 'drawing' now.
"Okay, that wraps up our conversation.
Thanks for coming! "
"Wait... Wait..." Mr. Heath yelled.
"There is something you aren't telling us here."
Miss Faye only smiled at him.
"That is up to James."
He only frowned his forehead trying to figure out what
it meant and then just shook his head.

"Thank you, James"
"You're welcome, Ma'am"
"Well, please tell Miss Faye if the nightmares wear off now.
Thanks for coming in."
"Okay" He only shrugged.

Though, they already noticed something different about James.
"Thank you" he only spoke and shook her hand.
What a bombshell evening was this, hey?

~ Copyright 2015 ~

"Lost and found"
Written by Daz, Inspired by MJ
~ Chapter FIVE ~

How does life go on hey after such a 'bombshell' eve?
Well, you just pick up the pieces,
puzzle them together and move on, right?
She was really worried when she came to pick him up from school.
Then again, he looked happy skipping towards her
flashing some papers at her.
"What 'you got there, Son? "
"Hey Mum. I made this cool drawings today and
no one bothered me. It feels strange really.
Miss Faye was so nice to me.
Whatever did you say to her yesterday?
Thanks Mum"
He ended his plea and kissed his mum.
She happily recieved his kiss and took his hand.
"I got a suprise for you when we get home."
"Oh, Cool" he cried out.

So eager, Mum showed him the site.
It was MJJCommunity. It had occupied her whole day really.
Registering, reading up on things and then
finally realizing why her son had those nightmares.
Did you figure it out yet?

"Hold on, I know that site" he replied pensive stroking his chin.
"Could you teach me how to read, Mum? "
"Of course, I will Hun."
"You're the BEST Mum in the world"
He yelled out and hugged her.

~ Copyright 2015~


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