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"The Wiz"

Written by Daz, Inspired by MJ.
Section: Movie reviews

~ I was bitten by the acting bug during that experience.
I said to myself,
this is what I'm interested in doing when
I have a chance.~

I pondered awhile over what 'review' I should write next here since
we are Monday, lol and suddenly my Muse yelled 'Movies'.
I went 'Yeah, I didn't review any 'movies' yet, right?

So, here it is...
The first MJ Movie I ever saw "The Wiz".
I was about 13 when I saw it one day on TV in '85.
I was 'head over heels' in love with Scarecrow
aka Michael Jackson.

For the 'statistics' about the Movie.
It was released in the United States on October 24 in 1978.
Sidney Lumet is the Director and
the Production is run by Rob Cohen.
The screenplay is by Joel Schumacher
The 'good feel' movie is 134 minutes long.

It is based on "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz" by L. Frank Baum
Starring in this movie are :
Diana Ross; Michael Jackson; Nipsey Russell;
Ted Ross; Lena Horne and Richard Pryor
Since this is a 'Musical' I need to give credit to the Music too that
is by Charlie Smalls; Nickolas Ashford & Valerie Simpson;
Anthony Jackson; Luther Vandross and Quincy Jones.
Produced by Motown Productions and
distributed by Universal Studios.

Michael was only 20 when he starred in that movie and
it left quite an impression on him and
I would say a 'taste' to venture more into the 'movie' world as
this quote from "Moonwalk" confirms it.

~ I was bitten by the acting bug during that experience.
I said to myself, this is what I'm interested in doing when
I have a chance.~

On a personal note, I absolutely love this movie.
I have worn out the video cassette and I was so glad that
I finally found the DVD. I also got a the 'soundtrack' on CD.

It has always been a 'good feel' movie for me whenever
I needed a 'boost' cause I love the whole 'feel' and
'escapism' of the movie.
Dorothy that gets 'blown' into the Land of Oz through a storm
where she meets all these characters.
I still get 'upset' when at the end of the movie,
she just leaves for HOME.
I would have stayed with Scarecrow though since he asked it so nice.
I would have 'hugged' him and never left his side.

The music is surely uplifting and puts you in a good mood and
I of course without doubt loved the character of "Scarecrow".
I do wish that Michael would have had the chance to get
more into acting and not only in his 'shortfilms' but
also 'starring' in just Movies.
I guess that will always remain a dream now, right?

Anyway, I know this movie by heart and inside and out.
My fave scene is when Dorothy 'rescues' Scarecrow and
he tries' to walk in his own garden.
It even makes me smile writing about it.

The 'moral' of the story is quite 'neat' too.
People 'search' for things OUTSIDE
themselves and only 'realises' later that they just had it INSIDE
themselves all along. They just had to 'find' it somehow.
Like Scarecrow claimed he didn't have a brain but
he was the 'brains' all through the movie though.

"The Wiz" is a MUST see Movie even you don't like 'Musicals'.
It's just 'part' of Michael's legacy to see him
so 'happy' and passionate though Michael quoted in "Moonwalk"

~ The whole Wiz period was a time of stress and anxiety even
though I was enjoying myself ~

See, that is real 'craftsmanship' cause you certainly can't spot it
in the character of 'Scarecrow' though.

~ Copyright 2015 ~


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