A single word

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“A single word”

Written by Daz, Inspired by MJ
Section: Stories.

A killing spree hits town.
Who is ‘save’ and who is NOT?
A single word spoken can mean LIFE or DEATH…
This is the ‘sequel’ to “The Promise”




“My name is Karma. I’m judge, jury and executioner all wrapped in one. I’m your worst nightmare, HAHAHAHAHA… “If I find you, you better say the right word or you’re bait. My Fave bait! I need to release that desire to be BAD or is it EVIL. It takes control of me. I can’t silence it. HELP? I don’t need help. Help is for wankers… I’m in control. Just make sure you speak the right word when I bump into you. Someone’s got to pay for ‘ruining’ my life. It is not debatable orbought off with cash. I’m not without mercy though. One single word can set you FREE. Refusing to speak that word will ultimately lead to a slow and painful death. The choice is yours! See you soon!


So, Michael slowly recovered in hospital. The damage to his knee was more serious than they thought and so he needed ‘surgery’ to replace his shattered kneecap. The wounds in his leg were healing quite nice though. The first night was hell though as he couldn’t sleep and every nurse checking up on him freaked him out. All he did was ‘wail’ for Carol. To make his ‘recovery’ smooth and keep the ‘noise’ down on the ward, Carol was allowed to stay at night. It was quite a sight to see two ‘grownups’ together in a single bed but Carol had gotten so used to it that it did have a ‘charming’ factor and by all means the ward was ‘quiet’ at night now as it should be. About a month or so later, it was the BIG day to return home again. He still hobbled on crutches though but otherwise, there was no need to let him stay ‘cooked’ up in a hospital room. Carol was glad to be going HOME and to at least sleep in their KING size bed again. The nurses thanked her for ‘care’ at night and she only smiled. That was a ‘neat’ and ‘natural’ trick that they would ‘steal’ and use on other patients too instead of drugging them into ‘oblivion’. Of course, it was quite a ‘media circus’ again but Michael was just glad he could just hobble out on crutches. Some good ‘Samaritan’ had saved his Butt again. No, the 2nd chance or should it be 3rd or 4th already, well it was not gonna be another hit to screw it up as fast as he could. Working was as far from his mind as possible. He was just ‘happy’ to be alive and care for Carol and his kids growing up ever so fast. As he left the hospital to the awaiting SUV, he only smiled and stopped to wave at the screaming crowd behind the barriers. He blew kisses to his loving fans and just plunged into the passenger back seat. Carol came sitting next to him and it made him look up. Then, he noticed her. “Hello Diane” “Hello Michael, ready to go home? ““Yeah” he sighed and grabbed Carol’s hand. The car had to crawl through the crowd that now had broken free. He had to admit that it now kind of scared him to witness all this ‘adulation’ but Diane assured it was ‘fine’ andCarol only smiled at him while squeezing his hand. Of course, the kids were elated to see their dad coming home at last and carefully he greeted them.


Mr. Ogden found himself in a tough spot of shit right now. He tried to figure out who had a ‘vendetta’ on him and a whole ‘bucket’ list of possible suspects popped in his mind.Well, that comes with the territory of been a successful Producer and Manager, right? You always have ‘nutcases’ that rather see you dead than alive. He called himself "Karma" and he knew that voice from somewhere if only he could pinpoint it but what was the use exactly to know who was gonna kill him, hey! His last hour had sung as he laid there on a concrete road likehe was just thrown away trash by people on holiday. He tried to get up but the searing pain in his leg made it impossible. Did he wished to be found like this?

He just wanted the pain to stop and the only thing that kept him alive was promising his ‘killer’ that he was ‘sorry’. He was sorry for ever ‘hurting’ MJ. So maybe, it was just a ‘crazed’ fan that took revenge on him but it was never his intention to ‘hurt’ him. ONLY just to make him a ‘bigger’ star than he already was. There is nothing wrong with that, right? He saw the sun coming up as he laid there so quiet by the side ofthe road. A bright light suddenly shone on him that made him pinch his eyes shut and in a reflex he shielded his face.Next minute, he heard a car stop, a door slam andfootsteps coming closer. He kept his eyes firmly closed though. “Hello? “ The voice called out. “Are you okay? “ The bravest thing he did now was open his eyes to see who it was and as he looked into the man’s eyes, he could see it was justa concerned citizen who found him. “Help me! “ was the only thing he could think of saying andthe man rushed to his vehicle again before screaming something to him. So before he realized it, he was strapped to a gurney and whisked away in a howling ambulance.


Michael was just watching TV resting his leg on the sofa as the ‘breaking news’ occurred. It just made him sigh though. “Ogden, the beloved Producer of ~ ONE night only~ ,has been admitted to the hospital with 3 shot wounds in his left leg.He was found by a passerby who spotted a body lying by the side of the road.”Michael winced as he felt his own leg acting up and he tried to give it a better position on the sofa, attracting the attention of Carol.

“Is it bothering you again? “ “Yeah” he only grimaced. “You’ve seen the News? “ “No what happened, Hun? “ “Oh, just they found Ogden…” he began as he watched the further development of the News. “Ogden? “ She thought for a minute as the NEWS reporter was still babbling about it. “Oh, that Producer? “ “Yeah” Michael only replied listening and watching the News report. He kind of felt for him though. “The same killer? Nah…” Michael commented as the News reporter was now trying to figure out ‘whodunit’. Carol came sitting next to him as she saw the footage of them now. It made her sigh and she got up again. “I thought you were watching something decent on TV” she sounded disappointed. “I was “ he assured her “but then the ‘Breaking News’ stuff came on.
Of course, they need to refer or even link this with what happened to us, right? That is the media, isn’t it? “ It made him sigh too and even when the ‘report’ was still running, he got up and hobbled away from the TV. “You’re still watching this crap? “ She hollered at him. “No, I better see where the kids are. “ He was glad he got rid of those darn crutches though even making his arms hurt but that didn’t mean he didn’t walk without a limp now and as slow as a slimy snail. The therapist said it would get better by time and exercise so thatis what he was doing now much to the mayhem of Carol always ‘fussing’ he was gonna hurt himself. He found them in the garden playing on the swings. Of course, they were delighted to see dad joining in. He heard someone ‘holler’ in the distance and he only answered ‘I will’ as he could figure out what she was yelling about anyway. He felt Blessed now to be able to play with his kids like this. Just pushing them on the swing hearing them cheer in happiness. He would never get rid of that feeling of ‘doom’ though he felt when he fell on that gravel and it made him shudder.

“Are you okay, daddy?”
“yeah” he only nodded snapping out of his thoughts.
“Shall I get Mummy? “ The youngest asked.
“It’s okay, son. Daddy is fine. “
He rubbed his head and the little boy only smiled at him.
Well, Carol was like a ‘mummy’ to them and they loved her really.
Soon, she would become the Missus though.
He couldn’t wait to marry her. She had been like heaven sent.


“My name is Karma. I’m judge, jury and executioner all wrapped in one.
I’m your worst nightmare, HAHAHAHAHA… “
The man bathing in sweat heard but as he opened his eyes,
it wasn’t a relief that this was only a nightmare.
It was the REAL thing as someone was staring at him.
He did have a face nightmares were made off though.
Black and white like a ‘zombie’. It was so dark in here,
he could hardly spot anything else than his ‘face’.
Well, the ‘zombie’ face though and as he closed his eyes
he hoped it was as simple as a ‘nightmare’.
“Now don’t disappoint me! “
he slapped him and all that the terrified body could do was shudder.
This was BAD really…
He was tied together with duct tape that cut through his skin as
he heard the sneer in that man’s voice. It was a man though
of was it just a boy playing a prank on him.

“Tell me again how sorry you are…” He insisted.
“I’m sorry…” The man repeated.
“Nah, I don’t believe you.” The ‘Zombie’ man replied.
A gunshot was fired and the man howled off the pain.
“You really gotta mean it if you want to stay alive though.”
The man hollered in frustration and excruciating pain.
“Now, don’t get mad at me though.”
Silence fell as the culprit tried to bite away the searing pain in his knee.
“You are really sorry, are you? “
Now more crying than ever, the man nodded and
whined he was ‘sorry’ indeed. His killer showed somehow ‘mercy’ or
was it all in the game?
He cut him loose.
“Now, get up.” He motioned with his gun.
The man still bathing in sweat, stumbled to his feet and
his glance instantly went to his knee that was oozing blood out.
“Why ‘you shot me? I said I was sorry” he whined.
“Walk” The killer only instructed and
as the Man neared the light of day more,
he could now spot a boy indeed just
dressed in sneakers, jeans and black hoodie.
His face was covered in a “zombie” mask and it looked like one of
those ‘lame’ Horror movies you laugh with when
you are safely sitting on your sofa but now…
All you felt was fear of what was to come…
He pushed the culprit in the trunk of the car and
drove around a bit before insisting that he needed to get out now.
With a pain stricken face, the Man stumbled out of the trunk.
Well, the killer ‘dragged’ him more out of it.
He looked around and it looked like a deserted road.
What was happening now? His last minute or what?
He didn’t have the strength to run now, did he?
He even wondered why he had the strength to even walk…
Then, he fell in the hail of bullets sprayed on him.
Without another word spoken, the killer turned around and
his car sped off.
Carefully, the Man assessed the damage.

It was a miracle he only seemed to have 2 more bullet holes in his leg and
instantly he realized that he had been struck by “Karma” indeed.


Of course, it hit the “News waves” again that now
a choreographer that recently worked with MJ had been found with
the same bullet wounds in his knee and leg and with
the same story about a boy named “Karma”.

Soon, the Newspapers and ‘social media’ were buzzing with
the new sensation called “Karma boy”.
Michael ‘luckily’ or not wasn’t aware of it as
he spend his days painting, caring for his kids and loving Carol.
It was only when the FEDS were ringing his doorbell that
it dawned on him.
It was a ‘courtesy’ call though by the BAU team that
was investigating this bizarre case.
“Come in Agents” he politely spoke as they were taken away that
it was exactly Michael ‘himself’ that stood before him just
in plain clothes though and hobbling his way indoors again.
From another room the door opened and
a lady, pretty lady, appeared.

“Hello gentlemen, how can I help? “
Once again, they flashed their FBI badge to her and it kind of
startled her.
The taller aged guy, probably the ‘head’ of the unit, spoke up :
“We’re just here on a courtesy call, Ma’am to see if
Mr. Jackson has any info on the latest case.”
Mr. Jackson was out of sight now though but
she lead them to the living room where he was already seated in
the sofa with his left leg resting.

“Please take a seat! “
“Thanks Ma’am” They both said. The other was much younger but
still stylish dressed in a suit with matching tie.
“How have you been, Mr. Jackson? “
“Okay, Sir” he only replied.
“As we stated our reason for dropping by like this,
we wonder if you would have any info on the latest case.”
“What case would that be, Sir? “
He looked around and did spot a TV though.
“Have you watched the News lately? “
“I don’t watch TV much. It’s so depressing, you know.”
“I understand but we might need your help on this one….”
He waited for a reply that didn’t come and so he continued.
“There is a man or boy that calls himself “Karma” and
he’s killing or severely hurting everyone that has worked with
you in the last decade.”
Michael only nodded to let them know he was listening.
“How can I help then, Sir? “
“Well, if you could provide us with a list somehow of
who all worked for you in the last decade then maybe
we can save a few lives. “
“Oh Boy! “ Michael called out.
“I see so many people… Well, saw…” he sighed.
“Yeah” the older Agent sighed and rubbed over his beard.
“Our technical analyst did compile a list…”
the younger smart dressed Agent took the word now.
“Could you verify the names for us? “
“Sure” Michael replied and took the list in his own hands.
Nodding, he read through the list and often smiled as
‘memories’ piled up checking those names.
“I don’t recognize all the names though but
I would say it’s accurate at least.” He told the Agents who
were eager to hear any confirmation from him.
“Why are some names printed in ‘red’? “ He wanted to know.
“They met “Karma” already” The young Agent boldly answered.
“I see” Michael replied.
“I don’t get it really. Why is he hurting them and
with a silly name like this! “
“We would like to give you extra protection though as you see…”
he pointed his finger on the list.
Michael’s eye suddenly fell on it and
his face went instantly ‘blank’ like he had been hit by an Ice Age.

“What? “ The lady in the opposite chair wondered.
Michael could only let out a squeak as
he showed her the name on the list.
“I AM ON IT! “ She yelled and frowned her forehead.
“Well, It’s a list of people who…”
“That’s insane! “ she cut through his sentence as
Michael took the list back from her.
“I see you don’t have any form of protection anymore? “
The older Agent glanced around and looked pensive at Mr. Jackson.
“As you opened the front door? “
“Well, officers… I told him NOT to do it but you know Michael, hey?”
The Men only smiled at her as Michael looked cross at her.

“I want to give my kids a more ‘normal’ childhood, you see and besides…

Protection? HUH, what good does it do? “
Michael tried to keep his voice down as he grimaced while
touching his left leg and replacing it on the sofa.
“Well, she’s on the list…” He stated again.
“That means she’s in danger. “
Hearing those words made him crackle the list a little as
it made him shudder.
See, doom is always lurking around the corner waiting for
the right moment to lash out.
“Agent Taylor will camp out here tonite as
we don’t know if he will continue to follow the list. Of course,
the next one on the list…” He peeked at it.
“… Mr. Smith will be guarded too.”
“We want to catch this killer before he finishes this list, you see!”
Michael only nodded as he was still reeling that
she was on that list really.

Both men got up and thanked them for their time and effort.
“Where are you going? “
“I’m staying though” Agent Taylor assured him.
“We just don’t want to invade your personal space.”
“That is kind of you, Sir but please stay… If you want…
We could talk a little… I can offer you a drink…”
“We don’t drink during office hours.” He only stated.
“I know” Michael nodded. “You’re allowed to drink a soda, right? “
“Yeah” The younger Agent smiled at him.
“Please stay! “
“Okay, Mr. Jackson” he plunged down on the sofa again and
nodded ‘yeah’ at his colleague who said his ‘goodbyes’.

“Taylor is a nice name” Michael hit off.
“Thanks Mr. Jackson.”
“It’s Michael, okay! “ He insisted.
“Sure, Michael.”
He smiled as he felt it was an ‘honor’ to ‘protect’ Michael tonite.
No, not just any Michael. Thé Michael Jackson!
Though he was charmed by his gentle nature and
he was the opposite of what the media had claimed he was.
The chat felt good and the more he talked to him,
the more he realized how much BS the media was all about.
He was just like him trying to live his life the best he could.


“Good evening Ma’am. It’s Daniel here.”
“Hello Daniel. How can I help you? “
“You know, Michael is thinking of a comeback and of course
he would like to have you back on board.”
“Oh, that is cool indeed.” The blond bimbo cried.
“Michael and I really have a bond so I knew he would contact me.
Well, through you, hey! “
“Sure, he speaks highly of you! “ The man slimed his way into her life.
“I know it’s short notice but are you free tonite? “
“Tonite? “ She asked excited. “Yeash, how late should we meet up? “
“What about seven at Oh Mallers? “
“I’ll be there. Can’t wait to see Michael again. See you at 7 then”
she cried in her high pitched voice as she hung up.
Now that was too easy really! Ah well, more fun then, right?
Crisp and clean, he awaited her there at “Oh Mallers”.
Sharp at 7PM, she tiptoed into the place.
He immediately felt she was elated and
his revenge would be so sweet now. He could already taste it.
“Hello Daniel” she cried as she smooched him tight.
He gladly received her adulation and offered her a seat.
She glanced around her and then spoke in her high voice.

“Oh, Michael isn’t here? “
“No, didn’t I tell you. It was just you and me.
To see if you’re still interested.”
“Well, of course I am.”
“You don’t have any other commitments?”
“Yeah, I do but they are easily cancelled if Michael needs me.”
“That is positive to hear at least! What would you like to order, dear? “
She took the menu from him and ordered something when
the waiter spotted her. It’s always nice to dine a lady really!
She couldn’t help but boast about Michael all night and with
every scene she brought up, his desire grew.
When it was finally time to go home, she felt a little tipsy.
Giggling and wobbly, he escorted her out the restaurant and
led her to her car where she said goodbye to him fiddling for her car keys.

Where the hell are they? Hiding or something! Where are they?
I know, she shouldn’t have drank so much but
she felt so elated that soon she would be working with MJ again.
That had always been a dream for her. A dream come true!

“My name is Karma….” He whispered in her ear as
he grabbed her from behind. She had just found her car keys and
was now exactly trying to open her car.
WOW, she had fun tonite and
the excitement had risen to her head really.
“Helllooo Kaarrmmma” she only giggled. “Cannn yyyoou help me? “
The only thing the black figure whispered in her ear while
he handled her was:
“I’m judge, jury and executioner all wrapped in one. …”

“Heyyyy” she protested. Her distress came too late though as
he gagged her mouth. He grabbed her keys, unlocked the door and pushed her in.

It didn’t matter how much she wriggled or
‘tried’ to scream now.

“I’m your worst nightmare, HAHAHAHAHA… “ was all he said as
he fired up the car and drove away with her in the night.
This was BAD really…
She was tied together with duct tape that cut through her skin as
she heard the sneer in that man’s voice.
“Tell me again how sorry you are…” He insisted.
“For what? I didn’t do anything wrong! “
She insisted wriggling her body.
“Play nice with me. I’m Karma, remember! “
“LET ME GOOOO! “ She screamed.
“Awww, don’t ruin that pretty voice of yours.”
He taunted her while he ripped open her blouse showing her skin.
All she could do was cry and whimper when
he even ripped off the rest of her clothes.

It felt nice though her touch, her skin. The more she screamed,
the more pleasure he had. Her life didn’t matter to him anymore cause

she clearly stated she wasn’t sorry and
stated she didn’t knew what he wanted. So, he took it anyway.


Well, Agent Taylor kept them save for the night but
the morning didn’t bring any good news though as
another one from the list was ‘found’ and
nope not in the order the list had been printed out.
That would have been too easy, hey!

What even puzzled them was if it was even the same ‘unsub’ cause
he changed his EMO. She was dumped in plastic on a construction site.
First results confirmed who she was and what happened to her.
Stuff that nightmares were made off really!
So, Agent Taylor had to break the BAD News that
he needed to stay with them ‘till they would catch him.
Better soon than laters!

Michael didn’t mind. He loved the company and he admit,
he was terrified really. Scared he would lose her to some prick that
called himself ‘Karma’, huh!


Karma stayed quiet for a few days. Was he planning his next kill?
Waiting for the right moment so he wouldn’t get caught cause
of all the media attention. He should have hid her better, right?
Did Michael already know what he was doing or even why
he was doing this? Did he even realize why he was doing this?
So, it was time for the finale really!
The piece the resistance as they say!
He knew it wouldn’t be easy as he saw he had ‘protection’ again but
it worked before, didn’t it?

Of course, as the days went by.
Agent Taylor wasn’t paid to just sit on his bum and
wait for the killer to pop by, right?
So, he gave him his phone number and
said he had to call even if he just spotted something weird.
Agent Taylor did promise to call him up every evening at
around 8 to see if everything was okay and
Mr. Jackson agreed that was a ‘clever’ thing to do.

So when days turned into weeks, he phoned out of pure routine now.
Sure, there were more kills but everyday someone got hit.
That is the 'toll' of our society today! What a sad reality really!
All seemed well and his colleagues seemed a little ‘envious’ of him but
he didn’t care. He loved to talk to him.
There was something in his voice that just gave you energy.
It’s tough to explain if you haven’t felt it.

Then one day, he didn’t answer the phone. It went straight to voicemail.
First, he thought he didn’t hear the phone but after the 3rd call that
went straight to voicemail, he kind of panicked and
literally stormed into the office of his Boss.
“HE HAS GOT HIM! “ He hollered as his Boss just
looking up from his paperwork and wondering what
the fuss was all about.
“Who? “ He asked distracted.

“MICHAEL” he screamed.
“Oh, you know I’ve been calling Mr. Jackson every evening to
check up on him and his phone goes straight to voicemail now.
I’ve been ringing him three times now.”
“Just now? “
“YEAH” He screamed exhausted.
He quietly got up and told him to ‘gear’ up the team and
see what was wrong there.


They got to his place and it seemed eerie quiet just like
they had ‘retired’ for the night. Nothing looked out of place and
they even began to wonder if Michael was just out and
all was well.
They rang the doorbell…
No answer! Well, would you open your door to any stranger?

“This is the FBI” he called out.
“Please open this door! We need to talk to Mr. Jackson.”
A lady different from his lady opened the door.
Agent Taylor was puzzled for a moment as
he looked at the number of the house.
“This is Mr. Jackson’s residence, right? “
“Yeash, it is. “
“Could we come in? “
“Sure” she said as she led them into the hall.

“Who are you? “ He boldly asked her as she remained in the hall.
Well, Michael had told her NOT to open the door but hey
that ‘rule’ doesn’t apply for the FBI now, does it?
“I’m the nanny. I’m Chelsea. Mr. Jackson is out for tonite.
Did he need to clear that with you first? I could call him though.”

“I was just worried” the young Agent replied.
“So, why didn’t you pick up? “
“I’m not allowed to pick up phones and if you weren’t the FBI,
I wouldn’t have opened the door too! “ She boldly stated.
“Okay, I’m sorry to have bothered you.
Hope we didn’t wake the kids.”
“Oh, they are watching a movie now.”
A little boy appeared next to her.
“I told you to stay in the sofa” she demanded him as
he got hold off her skirt.
“Are these the nice men daddy told us about? “
“Yeash, dear. “

Agent Taylor really not satisfied with this ‘tale’ kneeled in front of the little boy. “You are Blanket, right? “ He only nodded shy now almost hiding himself behind Chelsea. “Did daddy say where he was going tonite? “He looked up to the nanny. She only nodded affirmative. “To a restaurant. Daddy had a friend over and so he called…” He looked up to her.“… Chels here for tonite. I hope he’s having a good time.” “I hope so too, son! “ He rubbed his forehead and got up. “Well, I’m sorry to have spoiled your evening. Stay safe though! “ “Thanks Officer. “

With a heavy heart, Agent Taylor left the premises. With that freak ‘Karma’ still on the loose, was it even smart to go and dine all by himself. Friends? Don’t trust anyone these days. Paranoid, hey!


Michael was indeed having fun in a local restaurant. They were seated at the back so no one bothered him and occasionally just the waiter would come by to fill up their glasses and serve their food. This felt fine almost too fine but he enjoyed every single minute of this Bliss that we just take for granted sometimes. It was just the four of them wining, dining, discussions ideas. Daniel had contacted his secretary Diane and had invited her and Mr. Jackson + Carol to have a ‘Business diner’ at his fave Italian.

I admit, Michael had been skeptic to meet up with him but he confessed he did ‘save’ him and he needed to ‘thank’ him. Totally oblivious from the fact that he once was the one who ‘held’ him one day or was it the ‘bulky’ guy who had been the ‘brain’ behind it and he was just ‘sucked’ into it
being an Assistant. Everyone deserves a 2nd chance, right? Besides, Daniel was appalled of what happened recently and hoped they would catch him soon.


The phone buzzed at the Taylor’s Residence. Half awake, he answered it. It was the voice of his Boss on the line calm and collective he told him, he needed to pop into the office. Dazed, he left his house and met his colleagues that were all worried about someone. Then, his nightmare seem to reveal before his eyes.

Mr. Jackson had NOT returned home last night and worried the nanny had called the bureau asking for Agent Taylor been ‘coached’ by his youngest to call ‘the nice man who could save daddy’. With a lump in his throat however his ‘professionalism’ took over and they once quickly ‘reviewed’ all they knew about ‘Karma’ in the hope to find them soon. Their next move was to set out for the restaurant to interview the owner and the waiters.

On the way, Jenn, the Technical Assistant of the team, spoke through the phone as she had found the location of Jackson’s cell phone. It was only a mile from the Italian Restaurant so that is where they headed first assuming the phone was still on his person and not thrown away on that deserted road.


“Daniel? “ He had wondered when the man appeared againwearing the Zombie mask and forcing them into the rest room of a truck stop along the way to home. “Go! “ He demanded them at gunpoint.

Once in the rest room, he began to rant to why he was doing it and he desired recognition for it. Michael holding onto to Carol, who felt like an Autumn leave ready to disintegrate, tried to reason and calm him down as he was still waving his gun at both of them. Accusing Carol for not ‘saving’ him and claiming how ‘sorry’ he was to what happened to him and that… That ‘punk’ ruined his life and he would make them all pay for all the misery they had caused him…

Michael woke up. Dazed and blurry… Where was he now? His whole body felt like asleep. What he felt now stopped his world from spinning for a split second… He let the grains of sand whirl through his fingers to establish it was real and not some nightmare. Was he even awake or was this a vivid nightmare? He tried to move slowly getting his eyesight back and now realized he was laying face down in what… A sandbox? Further on, he noticed gravel. What happened? Then, he heard someone yell.

The man he recognised as Agent Taylor was kneeled beside him. “Try not to move, Michael. Medics are on the way. ”His mind was racing though. What was he doing here? Where is Carol? Did the nightmare really happen? His body twitched somehow and all he felt was searing pain while he glanced at the worried face of the Agent. “Caaarrr? “ He whispered. The Agent looked up at the others combing out the field. “Will find her, okay! Just lay still, alright? “


Searching the ‘premises’ which was just an abandoned strip of gravel and sand alongside the road that led to nowhere in particular, they had found a ‘bloody body’ with a nice cauliflower print of blood on its chest. With a tiny heart, they had to find out now whothe unfortunate culprit is. Don’t let it be her, please? The medics arrived and quickly assessed the current situation. Carefully, they strapped him on a gurney but before the medic could close the door, Agent Taylor hurried to the awaiting ambulance and crawled in. He bend over Michael and assured her they had found Carol ‘alive and well’ as a matter of speech. “Thaaannkk you” He squeezed his hand. “Are you coming with us now? “ The medic asked him.

One last squeeze of his hand and he let go to jump out of the ambulance that shut its doors and began his howling ride to the nearest hospital. Soon, a second equally howling one tracked him.

Oh, the ‘culprit’ was recognised as “Karma” as he laid there in his own pool of blood witha fatal shot wound in his belly.
Yep, I think Justice got him somehow!

The wounds inflicted on Michael were just ‘defensive’ wounds asit seemed he had put up quite a struggle to protect Carol andhimself of course. The reason why his body felt ‘asleep’ wasthe shock and exhaustion of ‘fighting for his dear life’ but he had won that ‘battle’ again.

Carol just had minor bruises on her arms and wrists. It was more the shock of this whole ordeal thatearned her a trip to the ER again.

Diane hearing the News rushed to the hospital feeling so guilty that she just ‘trusted’ him somehow when he kindly dropped her off at home. Leaving them so ‘vulnerable’ to the one who could have ‘killed’ them. She bowed her head in shame, deep shame… Michael assured her that she shouldn’t blame herself though while Carol was holding his hand. He felt Blessed he had the strength to ‘save’ her now. So, they were ‘even’! Hollywood was just a ‘rotten’ business and he did sigh that he would NOT even consider now to ‘return’ being MJ after all. He felt like “Mario Bros” now LOL. How many lives did he have left?

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