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Written by Daz, Inspired by JM

Section: What if

A COOL thread on MJJCommunity Forum got me thinking about
blogging these silly but spell bounding thoughts of what would happen if
an 'event' never took place. How would you feel about it?
What if Thriller never got released?


Simply, if it wasn't for Thriller I prolly wouldn't be here as
"The girl is mine" , the 1st single on Thriller, was the beginning of
my MJ journey back in 1982.
I do understand the 'hesitation' to bring out stuff. I am that way too.
Perfectionist to the point that you 'doubt' yourself.
So, it's nice to have that 'kick in the back'
Anyway, I'm HAPPY Michael did have the courage to release Thriller and
it surely changed my life for the better!
I heard "The girl is mine" on the radio and that
voice struck a chord in my heart. I looked up his name and
felt like a connection already.
Suddenly, I was more interested in Music and Music programs to
see that 'wonder boy' on my tele.

As for sales, the emotion and the opportunities it brought me and
many people that 'discovered' Michael that way is FAR MORE
important than how many copies it sold or how many awards it won.
It's nice in 'appreciation' but it brought a lot of creativity and
pioneer-ship with it.

Michael 1st 'Black' artist on MTV with "Billie Jean"
All the visual effects in "Thriller"
All the directors, musicians and so on that began or
boosted their career with the success of Thriller.

Of course, to everything there is dark side of the coin.
Thriller brought Michael's stardom into orbit around the Moon as
they say and yet Fame has a high price and I'm still grateful that
Michael did pay that price so that many people like me
could change their lives for the better.

The above blog is 'my take' on it.
If you would love to read other 'opinions' and
even 'discuss' this matter, then you can pop into this thread:


See you there!

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