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Written by Daz, Inspired by MJ

Section: Spiritual Reflections

I was at a party getting tired of 'socialising' with the crowd.
Suddenly, I saw him dooming up there in the distance.
He seemed lost in the crowd that just walked past him.
He noticed me, called out my name and walked over to me...

"Michael? " I wondered and touched his shoulder.
"Why 'you do that?
Everyone has been rubbing my shoulder and then they fret at me.
You're an Imposter. Is that a BAD thing?
Should I be worried now? " He asked so innocently.
It made me chuckle.

"No, Michael. Be glad you can walk for once without being seen.
No one attacked you. You're free! "
"Free? "

"What 'you doing here anyway? " I asked him boldly.
"God granted me a day on earth. I don't quite like it.
Everyone is mean to me. " He hung his head down.

"You silly, you've found me."
"Yeah" he perked up.
"What 'you wanna do, today? "

"Can we just sit on that bench over there?
I can snuggle up to you and you can tell me all about
what heaven is like. "
"Okay" He only shrugged his shoulders.

I curled up to him. He felt so warm and his heartbeat was
so soothing that I didn't hear much of his tale cause
in his grip, I felt so save that it made me fall asleep...

~ Copyright 2013 ~


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