My bright star

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"My Bright Star"

Written by Daz, Inspired by MJ

Section: Spiritual Reflection

I was feeling lost and alone as
I walked up the dock to our fave spot.
It's a lake with a dock and as far as the eye can see is water.
Even the dock has to fight not to be swallowed by it.

Somehow it manages to survive maybe it also
thrives on Michael's energy when he visits.
I called out to Michael but he wasn't there yet.

Nowadays, Michael doesn't call me any more to meet me there but
we agreed if I really miss him, this is the spot where we'll meet.
He promised me, okay!

So, there I was teary eyed missing Michael.
I plunged down at the end of the dock swinging my legs over the lake.
Looking down at the water.
Would it take my pain away from missing Michael?

I fretted why he wasn't here yet. He promised me!
Would the water be cold?
Fuelling my brain with these silly thoughts, I did swat a firefly away.
I didn't wanna feel like this any more.
Water here I come! You ready?

Then I felt a warm hand on my shoulder and a simply
'NO' penetrating my ear. I knew that voice all to well.
It made me smile through my tears as I glanced behind
me and saw him.

"MICHAEL" I called out.
"Hey" he only replied as he wasn't fully changed yet.
Only his face smiling, almond eyes twinkling and black curly hair
waving with the lake breeze.
Only part of his chest was visible as gold.

I got up and smiled.
Oh, the rest of him where twinkling lights or were they fireflies.
It was magical to see him half human, half spirit but as I neared him,
he changed completely and I noticed
his bare brown feet touching the wood,
toes wiggling feeling the ground.

I didn't wait for any sign that he was ready as
I plunged into his arms, letting out a deep sigh.
Everything was okay again!
All these silly thoughts just evaporated in this instant of love.
He caressed my hair and only softly spoke: "It's okay, Annie".

This is the safest place for me as I let out another deep sigh.
It only seemed like seconds had flown by when
Michael announced he had to go again.

I held to him even tighter, refusing to let him go.
He always goes away too soon.
I tried to savour this moment! His warm touch, his uplifting energy!
I tried to tell my heart, he couldn't stay but I was glad though
he came and saved me again.

He let go of me.
"You need to be strong, okay. For me? "
I saw a tear gleam in his eye and teary eyed too, I wiped it away.
"Please don't cry, Michael. I'm sowwy okay, I'm sowwy.
I'll be good, I promise."
"Okay" he only answered. He took my hand and let me of the pier.

Now, dooming in front of me where trees and a path that
led into the forest.
Was that the way back to the BIG BAD world?
I didn't wanna go though. Would you?

"Bye" was the only thing that escaped out of his mouth when
he transformed into spirit again but
the lights were like whizzing through me and
that tickled so I did smile when he ascended to heaven again.

Thanks Michael! L.O.V.E does live FOREVER!

~ Copyright 2013 ~

Author note:
I searched for this 'gem' I had shared on the forum.
I couldn't find it here so there you go!


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