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Written by Daz, Inspired by MJ

Section: What if

Okay so this is a BOLD and yet SAD blog.
So bear with me on this when I reflect on
what if "This is it" never happened?
Why is it still haunting me?

I've been pondering over this the whole day really to the point
it gave me a headache and now I'm typing my fingers blue here
to release all these thoughts hoping this blog will gobble them all up.

Anyway, I often think what if "This is it' never happened?
If you look at the Bright side of life which is what you should do,
you can try to 'convince' me by saying that
we would have never had all this 'last' footage and even see how
Michael 'rehearses' and 'creates' his Magic and
I agree but then again WHY do I only see the 'dark' side of it.
Michael had 'nothing' to prove. We loved him anyway, right?

As in , I wished he'd stayed in Ireland. He was 'save' and 'happy' there.
Creating new music and being a family man.
It will forever haunt me I guess to WHY on earth Michael came back
to the spotlight of 'Hollywood' which eventually led to his doom.

Alright, let's not rant here as I know a few reasons
WHY he came back.
Either to be back on that stage where he felt like HOME,
show his kids what dad was all passionate about.
I'm sure he was missing us too and on stage
he could 'feel' our love and our devotion but also
the grim fact that you can earn money with it,
lots of money but at what huge price, hey!

So the what if or the WHY it all had to go down this way,
still haunts me cause I would have loved to see Michael 'regain' his
throne, not that he fell from it though but it would have been such
a statement to the world to show what he was still worth.
He's still the King of POP.

Then again, if only ONE show instead of 10 or 50, would have
put him straight into orbit again as the rehearsals we saw were
really to a TEE for sure!
Michael always promised us the BEST show ever.

Yet, you have that two edged sword feeling really that
cuts into your soul as yeash, we now have
beautiful memories to cherish but then again
did it needed to end the way it did?

~ Copyright 2015 ~


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