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"On this day 1"

Compiled by Daz, Inspired by MJJC

Section: HIStory

Below are all the dates of events in October 1970 as
they are a token of one's dreams fullfilled
in the hope it would inspire you to
chase your own dreams.

As dates in HIStory books or Documentaries are not just
figures and words. They tell a story of dreams and
sacrifices to entertain or give solace to the ones who need it.
So let's honor Michael Jackson here for
the 'greatness' he brought to brighten our lives.

~ October 3, 1970 ~
"Third Album" (LP) enters the Black chart peaking at N°1
and holding its position for 10 weeks.

~ October 9, 1970 ~
The Jackson 5 embark on their first National Tour playing shows in
Boston, Cincinnati, Tennessee and New York City.
There are incidents during these shows of teenage girls
fainting and trying to mount the stage.
Whilst on Tour, The J5 are accompanied by a private tutor,
Rose Fine.

~ October 15, 1970 ~
"The J5 Christmas Album" (LP) is released on Motown.

~ October 17, 1970 ~
"I'll be there" which entered the Pop singles chart at N°40
on September 19, hits N°1 and holds its position for 5 weeks
while remaining in the charts for 16 weeks.

The J5's career hits now reaches NEW record breaking heights as
they become the FIRST act of the Rock era to have their
first FOUR consecutive singles hit the N°1 spot.

Although the Jackson 5 are a tight family unit, there is no doubt
that they are at the top because their lead singer performs with
the 'maturity' of an 'old Professional' and sings with
a soulful voice evident only among Motown's TOP range stars.

* Stay tuned for Next Episode of the HIStorical events of 1971 *

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