On this day 2

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"On this day 2"

Compiled by Daz, Inspired by MJJC

Section: HIStory

This is Part 2 in the series "On this day".
I'd like to keep it as short and sweet as it is just to 'savor'
the 'treasured' memories of them boys from Gary, Indiana that
became a HIT Wonder overnight.

We plunge into 1971 now with the following 'dates' to remember.

~ October 1971 ~
"Maybe Tomorrow" (LP) is released in Great Britain but
fails to enter the Top 50.

'Rock Gospel - the key to Kingdom' (LP) is released on Motown and
includes The Jackson 5's version of
'Bridge Over Troubled Water' .

The Jackson 5 are on the cover of the very FIRST Issue of
" Right on! " magazine.

~ October 9, 1971 ~
"Goin' Back To Indiana" (LP) released on September 7 by
Motown, enters the Pop Albums chart.
It peaks at N° 16 and remains on the charts for 26 weeks.

~ October 16, 1971 ~
"Goin' Back To Indiana" (LP) enters the Black Albums chart and
peaks at N° 5.

~ Late October 1971 ~
The Jackson 5 tours again performing at least in 50 cities across the U.S.

~ October 30, 1971 ~
"Got to be there" with as B-side "Maria (You were the only one) "
by Michael Jackson, released on October 7th by Motown
Records, enters the Black and Pop singles charts.
The songs both peaks at N° 4.
Michael's SOLO career HITS of here with this FIRST 'solo' single
at the tender age of 13.

Stay tuned for 1972, another 'glorious' year in HIStory.

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