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Written by Daz, Inspired by MJ
Section: Reflections
Today, I want to share you something that
touched my soul.
We as 'fans' are 'connected' with each other as
we each carry the 'embodiment' of MJ in us.

What seemed like just a 'normal' trip to the grocery store
today, turned into a memory that I would treasure as
it clearly shows we carry the 'essence' or
'embodiment' of Michael Jackson within us.

When fans meet in a glance,
we instantly connect and know the other belong to us as
in the MJFam kinda way.
Even without knowing about the other or
noticing 'visual' cues. Our soul just recognizes the other.

It's like we are 'drawn' to each other, like we somehow
share an invisible 'umbilical cord' and
we don't really need to chat up with words as
our souls do all the 'talking' instead.

Yeah, I met another fan in the store today and
it felt good to be around him.
It's tough to explain the 'connection' we feel so
we only smile and say 'hello' but
our souls jubels in joy to connect with another
kindred soul.

In these moments, I feel blessed to belong to
the MJFam cause we share a 'soul' connection that
most people don't possess.

~ Copyright MJJCommunity 2015 ~


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