We are blessed

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“We are Blessed”
Written by Daz, Inspired by MJ.
Section: Book reviews
This is the first book in the line of
“MJ style” written books published
in the last 6 years that
I have given a fair chance.

I admit, I was getting fed up reading the same old crap,
just to say it that boldly.
What made me change my mind with this one?
The ‘positive’ interview by the bodyguards and
and also cause I caught a lot of positive vibes from friends.
So, I decided to give it a go really.

Given a global view first, I like the style in which its written in.
Not a lot of just text but also the events as if
you would just sit down with them at a bar and
they would tell you about what they encountered.

As for the ‘contents’ in general.
Not one event really shocked me.
Some made me laugh and others made me shed a tear.
I’m really glad that this book now shows the part where
Michael is just Mr. Jackson… and NOT just The King of Pop…
The proud Mr. Jackson aka ‘Daddy’ who
loves to watch, play with kids and
even help them with their homework.
The Mr. Jackson who loves to read.
The Mr. Jackson who wanted nothing more than
to take a walk or go shopping.
The Mr. Jackson who knew no fear.
The Mr. Jackson who loved to spend time in the laundry room, LOL.

See, I also loved how they called him Mr. Jackson or Sir.
It’s respectful cause after all he was their ‘Boss’, hey!
The lesson I learnt from it though is…
We take our ‘boring’ lives for granted, we really do.
We are the Blessed ones!

Maybe, I see things out of different perspective.
We do see Fame as something “grand and laid back” .
Ah, the life were deprived off, hey!
I think it’s just the other way around…
Fame has a pitch dark side to it.
It’s not cause you’re swimming in money that
you don’t have problems.
All this obligations and vultures around you.
Goodbye to your health, your freedom, your independence…
Fame of course has a bright side too but
this is not how I felt reading this book.

It simply showed me how cruel people can be when
they smell money.
All decency, respect and even humanity just blows out the door.
Mr. Withfield and Mr. Beard did succeed in showing
the REAL Michael…. Hmmm, Mr. Jackson to the world.
We as fans know and love him as sweet and Innocent!
Like they said: “Nothing is Michael’s fault really! “

I often wondered why Michael seemed to ‘tolerate’ all
these vultures around him or why he stayed in that mess?
I admit, I often fretted that he should have stayed in Ireland and
just be a dad and that’s it…

Then, the hard truth hit me…
Mr. Jackson had his reasons to stay in this mess.
I first thought, it was cause he didn’t knew HOW to get out what
made him more vulnerable to all the vultures and leeches,
living quite wealthy from his hard earned money.

Then came the revelation,
he took up the responsibility to ‘rebuild his life’ .
That takes guts!
Running away is the easy option but not the solution.
He knew it wasn’t right that they pushed him back on stage,
with that ever grueling rehearsal schedule that
took a deadly toll on his body.
He simply wanted to get out of his hell and start a new life.
That meant he needed to ‘earn’ money again
to ‘overcome’ his debt and that…
was simple by going back to the stage,
the ONLY world he knew about.

Once, he could pull this off…
He would buy that place up in Durango where he could start anew.
We deserve second chances, right?

I know, he didn’t wanna disappoint us, his loyal fans.
In my humble opinion, Mr. Jackson never disappointed me.
He made me even more proud of him and
his guts ‘to face the music’ is given me strength till this day.
I really wish I could have ended this review with…
“He lives happily ever after in Durango” but Nah,
while everyone… Family, friend and foe spoke as
if they had lost their ‘dear’ friend now…
All, I fretted was:
“Where were YOU when he needed YOU? ”

~ Copyright MJJCommunity 2015 ~