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Written by Daz, Inspired by MJ
Welcome to “Normal village” with nice normal people.
Families with kids and front lawns that are weekly
sprayed with sprinklers.
Just a nice normal town within a dark secret hidden…
Welcome to “Threatened” the NEW story on #MJJCBlog.

Welcome to "Normal village" Population: 2499 'normal' people.
What a sign hey!
Though at first sight it was just another town on the map with
families and kids and frontlawns with sprinklers.
The community did have everything that a community should have.
The weekly Sunday service at the modest church and the monthly
‘bake off’ where every lady would show off their scrumptious cake.
For the Men, you had the pub and the bowling and for the kids,
you had the playground with the standard slide, swings and sandbox.
See, nice and normal and quiet…
To Madeline and Mez respectively 12 and 13, life had become
a drag as they were no longer ‘allowed’ on the playground.
Yep, the community even had ‘strict’ rules. They shivered at the
thought of becoming so ‘hollow’ and ‘empty’ as their parents and
neighbors so they ventured out into the city.
There was however a ‘dark side’ to all this ‘normalness’ LOL as
the outskirts of the city had a forest of course ‘forbidden’ for
everyone as it harbored only mayhem but you know kids hey,
they are curious and eager to discover the world around them.

So, one fine day they head out into the forbidden zone as
Mum was far too busy baking that cake for the ‘bake off’ you see
and Dad was at work. Mad ‘faked’ being ill so she didn’t have to
help her Mum with that ‘blopody’ cake and Mez claimed
he would go ‘bowling’ as that is what Men do, huh.
Yeash, once you hit ‘high school’ in “Normal village”
you were not considered a ‘boy’ anymore.
Growing up took a fast pace there, you see!

The forest trees were luring at them and Mez was eager to explore
the grounds though Mad (as Mez called her) was still a little
doubtful about their adventure.
Mez however assured he would protect her from any evil roaming
the forest as he swayed his bat back and forth showing all of
his strength to his younger sister.
The trees were nice and high and the branches crackled under
their feet. Often they stopped to see where they were heading and
how far they’ve come like ‘memorizing’ the way back.
As they walked through this serene place all they heard were birds
and the swaying of the trees dancing with the wind.
Then suddenly, they heard a crackling noise. It startled them as
they were standing still.
Was that the evil that roamed here or had someone followed them?
“Mezzz...” she cried out.

He laid a finger to his mouth to hush her as they remained as
statues in the lone forest. The crackling continued and in
the distance they saw someone gathering wood. He was dressed in
a black long coat with hood. Who was he?
Someone from town or the 'phantom' everyone feared?
What should they do now?
Continue their stroll into the woods or run for home.
They could not tell a soul they were here, right?

Then it happened all so fast. The stranger noticed them and
waved but somehow Mez thought he was out to hurt them and
as they fled through the thick wood, he tumbled and fell and
there was blood… Lots of it… and all Mad could do was cry and
curse that they should have listened.
“Can I help? “ Spoke the soft voice from behind her.
She took the bat and swung it at him.

“Oh dear” he held up his arms which made all his wood
plummeted to the ground.
Mad stared at him and then the tale of the woods resonated
in her ears as she thought it was just a ‘bedtime’ story to
keep you sweet though he didn't seem'threatening' to her.
“You’re… You’re…”
she stuttered firmly gripping the bat in her hands.
“I’m Michael… Pleasure to meet you and you are? “
“Mad” she snapped at him.
He only chuckled at her.
“You certainly seem to be”
Mez laid there squirming and whining trying to get up and
flee anyway as he remembered the ‘frightful’ tale too.
“My cabin is not far from here. I could help your friend.
He seems quite hurt though.”
No answer…

“I could leave you guys here too if you want to believe the tale but
I didn’t hurt my family. The fire was lit on purpose cause there
is no place for me in ‘Normal village’.”
He sighed as he hung his head down.
The kids were frozen in time and space as was this the ‘boogie man’
from the tale called ‘Threatened’ ?
“You are from “Normal village” though are you? “
Mad didn’t blink and only stared at him. Her brain was still
unwrapping the idea that the man from the tale was not what
they claim he was.
Mez only cried. So far, for keeping his sister save, hey.
He noticed a big gash in his leg and it already hurt like hell if
he simply glanced at it.

“Please let me help you! “ He almost begged her.
She still didn’t nod nor spoke as she backed away from him so
he could see the damage. He kneeled beside the boy and
inspected the wound. He got out his hanky and wrapped it around
the boy’s leg to stop the bleeding.
“Thank you, Sir”
“You’re welcome” was his only polite reply as he helped the boy up.
“Could you take us home? “

Now, it was the man’s turn to startle as he froze and with
a shocked glance he looked straight ahead.
“I could take you to the edge of the wood but that is how far
I can take yé.”
“That is okay” Mez replied while Madeline’s brain was still
rearranging the tale that seemed so off now.

To dull the pain a little, Mez engaged into a convo with
the stranger as Mad 'huffed and puffed' towards her brother.
“Well, you were supposed to be ill, remember? “
It made her shrug.
“We’re not supposed to talk to strangers too? “
“Oh boy, you guys are mischievous and I like it.”
“I’m curious so pardon me for asking but…” he hesitated.
The man supporting him only smiled and nodded.
“How did your house burn down? I’m sorry for your loss if
the tale is somehow true at that point.”

A long minute passed and as he looked at their 'innocent' faces,
he finally revealed his side of the story after all these years.
“I was a threat to the community.”
“You did something BAD then? “
“T o them yes… I wanted my kids to have a childhood and have fun.
It seems you guys take my advice.”

“All that forced growing up and that labeling. You should have been
at the bowling, Mez. “ He chuckled.
“Oh indeed, I left my bike there.”
“Oh, do they still do those ‘bake offs’? “
“Yeah! “ Mad sighed.
“So what is your mum baking this time for popularity contest? “
“Raspberry cake”
“Hmmm, sounds yummy though. “
“It is but… You’re right! It’s forced. I’m supposed to be a
cooking princess now. I hate it really. Always doing what you’re told.”
Mez was still focused on the wrong that was done to him.

“You tell me that you didn’t do it? So the tale is just a lie? ”
“I know, it’s hard to believe, hey! People rather go with the flow
afraid to stand out. “
“Yeah” the boy only sighed.
“Okay, would you be able to walk on your own now? “
“Why? “ Mez wondered. He loved talking to the man.
Then, as he looked up they had reached ‘Normal village’ again.
“Oh, it was a pleasure meeting you. “ He shook the man’s hand.
“Pleasure is all mine. I hope you won’t get into much trouble though.”
“Nah, I’ll just say I fell with me bike” he shrugged.

“So, if you’re fed up with being ‘normal’ pop into the woods and
I’ll show you what life is all about.”
“Thank you for saving us, Michael” Madeline finally spoke up as if
she just located her voice again and Michael hugged her tight.
“Oh, we won’t tell” Mez added.
“It’ll be our little secret! “ He high fived the man and
he only smiled and waved before he disappeared into the woods again…

~ Copyright 2016 MJJCommunity ~


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