MJ algebra

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"MJ Algebra"
Created by Daz for MJJCommunity
Yeah, the 'infamous' Brain teasers that wreck our brains today
had an 'MJ makeover' especially for MJJCommunity Blog.
See, if you can 'solve' this one.
Solution can be find when you scroll down the page.

"Brain teaser"
noun :
a problem or puzzle,
typically one designed to be solved for amusement.
~ Google Translate ~


WHY are 'Brain teasers' fun?
As they litterally 'tease' our Brain to solve a puzzle
in a 'creative' way.

They give a 'fun' twist to a 'dull' subject as Algebra.


Okay, you 'solved' it already?
Or are you still 'wrecking' your brain over it?
Well, let me put you out of your 'misery' LOL


Here is the solution:

MJ= 14 ; Fedora= 4 ; Glove= 5
So the ? = 2 MJ's equal to 28

Had fun with it?
Let me know in the comments.
Thanks for playing!

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