Rose petals and chocolate

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Rosepetals and chocolate

"Rose petals and chocolate"
Written by Daz for MJJCommunity
Today, 7 years ago was 'supposed' to be a day
where we as MJ fans could throw around
some rose petals as Michael announced his 'comeback'
but instead we have to daze
the memory with vast amounts of chocolate.

So, today marks the 7th anniversary of the 'comeback' speech
of MJ announcing his 'final curtain' tour called "This is it".
Still to this day, it makes me cringe and I just daze
the 'moment' in eating vast amounts of chocolate, lol.

Sigh really...
What seemed like a 'legend continues' thing.
The 'comeback' we 'hungered' for turned laters into a nightmare.

Anyway, the 'rose petals' part of it is ...
that I can still remember this day so clearly.
I was working full time as receptionist and only learnt about it
when I watched the News and then read the paper.
A short burst of joy washed over me when I read the article
dining in my fave Pizza place.

"We made it. MJ could know kick a$$ and show the world once
again why he's the KING of POP."
Those thoughts whizzed through my mind though
I was 'smuttering' all the anxiety and fears of what could go
wrong this time, you know.

When you care for someone, sometimes all you do is worry lol.
Yeash, even it concerns a Hollywood star indeed.

I so wanted him to be happy and get the dignity he deserved.
Watching the speech, something really felt 'off'.
It could have been the 'silly worry' indeed but it lingered in me
for months till the faithfull day, hey!

Since, I was working full time and saving up my 'holiday' for July,
I couldn't attend the speech and I'm glad MJ got such
a 'loving' response back from the MJFam
greeting him and cheering him on.

He seemed so driven and passionate.
Yet stern and that is not a sight I was used to see in MJ.
You can call it a 'Mother instinct' that 'filtered' out something was off.
MJ seemed too 'hyped' in that speech like he was
convincing himself and the crowd 'all will be good'.
Sadly it wasn't, right?

So this 'Blog' may seem like a 'rant'
I just wanted to share my 'thoughts' of now and then.
I so wished it would have been a happy memory and MJ would be...
I don't know... cradled up somewhere save...
or even making 'furore' in the Movie Industry as that
was sure his next BIG dream, the one he maybe
will venture in a next life if he wants to.

So, instead of a 'rose petal' Happy memory Blog,
I advise you to 'daze' it down with a chocolate egg or five lol as
this is what is all you can do, right?

No more dreams about traveling abroad meeting MJ,
no more NEW live footage and no more 'happy' snapshots of MJ.
I do still miss him!
Ah well...
3...2...1... Chocolate!

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