Five minutes of Bliss

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"Five minutes of Bliss"
Written by Daz for MJJCommunity
Months flew by. Each time Mad just uttered one word about it,
her bro' looked up seriously at her and it made her only sigh.
Could she just run off? Would that be a smart thing to do?
She weighed all the options of escape!
This is Part 3 of "Threatened"

Life went its usual boring way in "Normal village" and
Mez kept his word.
They even vowed not to talk about it in case they were overheard but
the thrill in meeting her' Prince charming' again remained 'tantilizing'
for Madeline though her bro' warned her off.
They got away twice. He wasn't sure they would pull it off a third time
though as fishing at lake was out of the question.
It was Dangerous and besides too close to the 'forbidden wood'.
Any query of 'you haven't been wandering in it, have you?'
had to be answered by a 'straight out' lie.
Mez wasn't too happy to keep this 'secret' but he promised
his sister so that was it really.

Days, weeks yeash... even months went by and each time
Mad just uttered one word about it,
her bro' looked up seriously at her and it made her only sigh.
Could she just run off?
Would that be a smart thing to do?
She weighed all the options of escape but never
got further than the story she was writing featuring Michael.
The title of the story wore the name "Forbidden love"
Sounds Romantic, doesn't it?
Oh and exciting too.

Then one fine night...
The stars were out and twinkled ever so brightly that it
made Mad wake up. She glared out of her window and
gazed at the stars wishing upon them. She had to find a way to go
see Michael, right?
She could even go without Mez as he wasn't really nice last time.
Michael made her feel 'alive' and 'happy'.
She quivered of the prospect of her life here really where
the only exciting moment was when the cake came out of the oven!
Above all, you had to settle with an idiot you had to take care of and
if he would be that cold like Dad, she'd rather just get lost in the wood
then. Yeah, she had boys glaring at her already though
she had to be forced to wear those stupid flower dresses instead of
that tough jeans that her bro' had.

You see, Normal village was all about 'Normal' or should I say
'Narrowminded' instead.
Girls had to wear dresses and giggle and just getting 'groomed' for
a 'slave' kinda life.
Boys had it easier in Mad's humble opinion. They had more FREE time
and they could dress like they wanted to do and yeah...
Boss everyone around too.

With all these thoughts racing through her mind,
she didn't hear it at first but then a hard 'thump' made her shudder.
It felt like someone had just walked in but the door was closed and
no one was seen.
Wishful thinking that he would visit?
With a deep sigh, she plunged back on her bed.
Holding back the tears though some excaped the inferno though.
"Please don't cry" he heard someone whisper.
She looked around and still no one was here, right?

Then, in the corner of her eye she spotted something peculiar.
It didn't scare her and she was glad she didn't even shriek at his sight.
He only smiled at her at first but when she finally had
summoned the courage to say 'hello' to him,
he was gone again in a blink of an eye hey.
It made her sigh and defeated she fell upon her sheets where
she eventually drifted off to sleep again.

Morning broke and it felt like all a dream last night.
Soon her bubble bursted as her Mum knocked on her door to ask if
she was okay.
came the unconvincing answer and then the door swung open and
there she stood.
"Morning Mum"
"Everything okay, Hun? "
Mad only nodded passing her to go into the bathroom for
another pointless day.

Mez noticed something was wrong too but then again she had
to lie to him too, hey!
So, he 'promised' her they would go next Sats.
That brightened up her face that soon went 'flat' again as
Dad appeared in the kitchen.
The usual 'good morning' was exchanged and then breakfast.
She did glare at Mez and couldn't help but smile.
Of course, Mum noticed her mood.
"I've seen you're woken up by now. Exciting day ahead? "
Now, that was a real 'debbie downer' as they say.
'School exciting? Nah, you gotta be kidding me really! '
crossed her mind but as she noticed Mez's glare she had
to 'pretend' to be excited about a school project and
so babbled about it.
"Well, have a great day at school, sweetie"
Mum cried and that was that, hey!

Once they were out of the house, she couldn't help by whispering at Mez.
"What? " He wondered.
"Well" she insisted.
"We'll see" he only brushed her off and whizzed away on his bike.
She had to walk to school as riding bikes was considered
not really 'lady like' and with each passing hour,
she dreaded this life more and more...

Would just 5 minutes hurt?
She could say she had to go out for a project, you know!
The one she babbled about or some 'made up' one!

School dragged on all day! Giggling girls, boring subjects,
how to fold laundry, how to make lunch, learning about HIStoric events.
How much longer could she really stand this place and
this 'brain killing' society.

Just 5 minutes, okay?
There she was flowered dress, raincoat and schoolbag
wandering in the woods like little red riding hood off to see Grandma.
Instead it was her 'Prince charming'.
Would he be eager to see her?
Would she let him read her latest story or was it too corny?

She heard the rustling of the wind and the crackling of the branches
beneath her feet and it made her only smile.
Today, was the first day of her new life!
So daring she wandered far into the woods.
Where was she going?
She didn't know... Just wandering and hoping he would just bump into
her somehow. She really didn't think of a Plan B though.
Crazy isn't it?
What you do for love or was she just eloping?
Stumbling into the unkown as she felt like she was 'suffocating' if
she remained there any longer.
Exhaustion took hold of her and then for a moment a flash of fear.
Why was she here?
Was she just dreaming it?
Oh yeah, looking for Prince charming!
Just 5 minutes of Bliss!

The worn out cottage appeared in front of her and that
made her pursue the trip further. A wave of exhaustion washed over
her and she plunged on a fallen tree bunk probably
also tired of standing tall.

She looked at her watch and another shock frizzled through her body.
It was already 7 PM and dusk was settling in.
Just 5 minutes of Bliss, okay!

The castle was not far now and she couldn't simply return after
coming so far now. Just needed to catch her breath first.

In Normal village, it turned 8ish and Madeline was still not home.
Mez was been 'grilled' right now but he stuck to his story only
fretting inwards that she should have waited till Sats.
What was one more day here, hey?

Of course, a vigilante group was out to find the 12 year old girl
named Madeline. They hoped they would find her alive and well by
morning though as night was settling quite fine though with
each passing hour the chances were slimming fast.
Mez was so torn. If he would go out to find his sister then
they would harm Michael for sure and he knew Mad would
never forgive him for that. A promise now tough to keep!

In these moments of turmoil, he wished he could just wander off too as
the mob squad was more interested in saving their community then
in caring for its children that exactly represent its future.

"DAD..." He shook his shoulder.
"DAD" he hollered again.
"What?" He awoke and pinched his eyes together.
What was this racket all about?
"You gotta save her! "
"Who? " He asked still sleepdrunk and glared at the clock
that told him it was 2 AM.
"Can it wait till morning, son? "
"NO, Now! " He literally pulled him out of bed and it awoke the Mrs. too.
She too rubbed in her sleepy eyes and wondered
what the fuss was all about.
"I'll take care of it, Hun" He only hushed her as
he was dragged out of the house.

There she lay so sweet, so vulnerable and yet so cold.
What was she doing here? In this cold?
He touched her and she only stirred.
Michael didn't wait for her to fully wake up though.
He swayed her in his arms and carried her inside where
it was warm and dry.

Morning glory broke and defeated the mob squad returned home to
their 'white picket fences' homes with a sinking feeling in their stomach.
They had lost the girl now for sure...
Some claimed she had wondered into the woods or even
could have drowned in the lake and at morning light or after
they had taken a nap, they would drag the lake for her body.
Others claimed that she could have been taken by the 'freak'
in the castle and they weren't keen on bothering him again though.
It really bothered Mez though and instead of going to school,
he ventured out into the woods too. He had to find her, right?

Meanwhile, Mad had awoken and puzzled she looked around the room.
All wood and heavy drawn curtains. A ray of light shimmered through
it just illuminating the different shapes in the room of
the big antique closet, the vanity table and the four poster bed.
Was she dreaming this all?
It felt real though as she felt the cotton of her sheet.
Had she somehow awoken in her story as she had
pictured this room to a Tee and it made her sigh in awe.
Expecting her night dress to come in view now,
an electric shock frizzled through her as she glared startled at
her flower dress and coat.
Wait a minute? Had she fallen asleep?
Had she been saved and by whom?
She tried to recall the events of yesterday but the more
she tried the more she drew a blank and it only exhausted her so
she closed her eyes again drifting into slumber again.

Mez wandering into the woods was glad that the mob squad was still
in bed as there was no rush to drag a body out of the lake was there?
Even no one 'volonteered' to pop into the 'someplace else'
to enquire over a lost kid.
What reputation would that leave them, hey?
You just don't lose one, don't you?
Why do they run away in the first place?

"Mad? " She heard a soft voice call out to her.
She opened her eyes and there he was 'hovering' above her face.
All worried!
"Good morning sweet"
"Michael?" She called out.
"Yeah, what were you doing in the woods last night? "
"Looking for you! " She boldly asked.
It only made him chuckle. That seemed like a 'plausible' answer indeed.
It made him sigh though. What had he done, hey?
"Thank you, Michael for saving me! "
Yeah that was the only 'lame' thing that drooled out of her mouth for now.
"You're welcome, dear but I'm sure you're parents are worried by now."
The girl only shrugged at first.

"Can I stay with you? "
"Well, till you freshened up a bit and had breakfast... Come on"
"Thank you, Michael"
was the only thing she could utter as she followed him to the kitchen.
It was a huge kitchen. Lots of wood again and there she met the Mrs.
"Hello there"
"Hey Ma'am"
'Wait a minute' screamed her mind.
'What is she doing here? what about the legend or the creepy story?
She's nice alright'
"Enjoy! "
"Thanks" Mad answered when she glared at the pancakes in front of her.
She was so enjoying them and talking to James who
busted into the kitchen and then properly introduced himself as
"James" when they heard the 'grown ups' quarrel in the other room.

"You can't take her back, hey! "
"I know" Michael sighed rubbing his chin.
"I know" he repeated a bit distraught.
"No" he interupted her.
"They came to me... They were wandering into the woods."
"They? "
"Yeah, she has a brother."
"Oh, Michael" she fretted. "Don't we have it good here? "
"We do! But, you know! "
"I know" she sighed. "We can expect the bro' too then, hey?
or are we getting the mob squad again? "
He only shrugged and headed back to the kitchen.

"Dad, can she stay? " His son boldly asked him.
Michael only smiled at first looking into their faces full of wonder.
"Yeah" He nodded. "If you want to, Mad? "
"Yes, please Michael"
James seemed pleased too.

"Have you finished breakfast? "
The boy looked at his empty plate first.
"Yeash, dad"
"Go on and pack! We're going to the Summer house"
"Yeah" he leaped up and ran out of the kitchen.

Michael addressed himself to the girl.
"Is the schoolbag all the stuff you have? " He wondered.
"Its all I need, Michael"
Mad boldly answered as she got up and showed the contents of it.
It didn't have schoolbooks in it though but clothes,
bathroom stuff and her notebook.

"You planned this, right? "
Mad went all red in her face and hung her head down.
"I..." she hesitated. "I... couldn't take it anymore, Michael."
"Hey, it's okay! I'll protect you but we have to head down to
the Summer house now."
"I'm sorry if I caused any trouble.
Mez promised to take me on Sats again but he wasn't very convincing
this morning and I just hated today at school."
It made her sigh and slump.
"This is serious Madeline! "
He spoke out her full name to get her full attention.

"You can still go but if... If you stay longer, you can't return ever."
"I know" she stated boldly.
"I hate being normal anyway."
"Okay, let's go then." He motioned her to come to her.
She couldn't help but hug him and she vowed to never let him go.

Mez finally reached the cabin but he wasn't alone though as yes,
they had come out the wood work with their flashlights and
their howling hounds.
He sighed as he should have picked up her vibe that morning.
So defeated, he joined the searching crew as in the back of his mind
he knew Michael would take good care of her.
Yep, she got away.
One day, he hopes to 'find' her but he had lay low for now or
they were all 'in peril'.

*To be continued*
~ Author note ~
This novel named "Threatened" is exclusively written for MJJCommunity
and will hit your screen in 'parts' as the story flows on.

~ Copyright 2016 MJJCommunity ~