The missing son

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the missing son

"The missing son"
Written by Daz for MJJCommunity
Whenever I browse the net 'researching' stuff for my blog
or just to give my Muse ' a kick in the back' lol.
I always get 'ticked off' that the 'missing' son of
the Jackson Family is hardly ever mentioned.
So, this Blog is especially 'dedicated' to Brandon.

Indeed, Brandon Jackson was the 'twin brother' of Marlon Jackson
born on March 12th in 1957.
I know, he only lived 8 precious hours but it always 'upsets' me that
he's always 'excluded' from the fame and the recognizition that
he is exactly a "Jackson".
So, I'm setting the record straight here today that
he was the TRUE 7th child instead of Michael that
'arrived' 17 months later.
Yeah, I know I'm 'bursting' bubbles here and maybe
tickling some nerves but you have to agree with me that
even 'lost babies' shouldn't be taken 'off the record'.

So, picture this...
It must have been a chilly day in March of 1957 when
Mrs. Jackson, 7 months pregnant,
hauled a heavy pail of oil inside for the space heater when
her water broke and she was admitted to hospital.
45 minutes later, Marlon was born.
He only weighed 4 pounds, 4 ounces ( 1.92 KG)
as he was 2 months premature.

Then, the nurse saw that something was wrong.
The Doctor checked it out and discovered the 'hidden' baby that
he 'forced' out eventually with the use of forceps claiming
she was just too tired to 'deliver' another baby.
(Cruel, I know! Remember it was 1957! )

Brandon only cried faintly and 8 hours later,
he was no more than the 'missing' son in 'print'.
I do clearly state 'in print' as it seems he's always forgotten
whenever you read about the Jackson Family
so here in 'print' he gets his moment to shine.

Mrs. Jackson needed to stay in hospital for about 5 days and
Marlon for about 4 weeks so it was a real joy when
she could eventually take him home where
he could be loved and pampered by his siblings.

Of course, Brandon got a decent funeral organized by Chrystal,
Joseph's Mum and she even hired a professional photographer
to 'brand' Brandon's presence on film but
then sadly the film got missing even before
the 'proud' mum could glare at his image.
Though, I know he'll live forever in her heart.

Bless you, Brandon Jackson!
~ Copyright 2016 MJJCommunity ~




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