A New Life

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A new life

"A New Life"
Written by Daz for MJJCommunity
MJJC Blog is back with
a fitting topic
How do you introduce MJ?
How do you 'preserve' the legacy of MJ?
How do you hand down the 'heritage' of MJ?

Since, I started a NEW life in a new flat and dito neighbourhood
so does MJJC Blog makes its 'comeback' or
is it simply picking up the journey to where we stumbled
to shine again in grace.

Yeah, I know 'silly' intro just to sum up that MJJC Blog is back, baby.
So, I thought it would be fitting to highlight this topic on MJJC Forum
and of course give my own 'swing' to it as
this is really the 'core' of MJJC Blog.

'To preserve the legacy' is also to 'spread' it and
'introduce' it to NEW life as in babies,
toddlers, children and even teens.
It's like a 'heritage' handed down from generation to generation
so that everyone knows the 'grandeur' and 'Majesty' of
The King of POP or is he simply "Michael Jackson".

So, how do you do it?
Okay, for Babies I'm sure the soft music as in Ballads,
Motown era songs which has a lot of 'classical' music would be
ideal to learn them all about the 'feel' for Music as
mentioned in the thread.
I would add that just Michael's soft voice would give them 'solace'.

As they grow fast into 'toddlerhood' I would add a 'dash' of images
and videos that now accompany the soft voice of MJ.
Of course, the 'rough' videos need to wait but in that
'frame of mind' toddlers are attracted by movement as
in dancing and by bright colors so
I'm sure that 'Rock with you' would be a HIT.
I know, there is a video that went 'viral' of a crying baby being
hushed by "Rock with you" so you see it works.

As they reach the 'infant' stage, I would steer them towards
No, it's not just an AD I slip in here to 'shamelessly'
promote MJJC though, LOL.

From my 'point of view' I wished I had known MJJC when
I was a kid myself. I grew up with barely any friends thinking
I was the 'only' fan in the world till I met the 'first' fan when
I was already 16.
Then, I felt we share a 'bond' that many don't 'comprehend'.
We're like a 'tightknit' family, the MJJCFam.

So therefor, I would 'recommend' that IF
you want to 'introduce' MJ to your kid then
MJJCommunity is the 'place to go' really.
Honestly, where else can find such a 'vast' amount of
TRUE facts about the man beautiful 'cocooned' in
a community thriving with fans.

I could have simply just answered these burning questions above
with ONE word, ONE click, ONE name though

The Michael Jackson Community
Preserving MJ's legacy

~ Copyright 2016 MJJCommunity ~


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