Make that change today

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Make that change

"Make that change today"
Written by Daz for MJJCommunity
I'm Gonna Make A Change,
For Once In My Life
It's Gonna Feel Real Good,
Gonna Make A Difference
Gonna Make It Right . . .

These "inspirational" first bars of "Man in the mirror" is what
sparked this Blog and this 'new life' that we all can achieve if
we start by asking ourselves to look in the mirror of life.

No, this is not a 'preachy' nor a 'wooly' kind of blog but
something I 'promised' a friend to share one day.
She was 'hit' by 'gloomy days' and wondered HOW
to pull through them?

So, I told her I 'simply' wash them away with an "Art Journal".

Now, don't tell me you're NOT artistic. It's just a 'fancy' name for
keeping a journal or a dairy.
You even might protest that it's not 'original' but it's a known fact
that it 'helps' IF you want to let it 'help' you, of course!
Writing stuff down gives you an 'outlook' in your life even when
you can't talk about it.
So, WHY not start one TODAY and see how it changes your life?

It can be as plain as fancy as mine (piccie above lol).
It'll give you some 'direction' and somehow you start
new 'hobbies' cause then you can 'brag' about then.
It can be 'scary' at first as we are so 'locked' in our ways sometimes
we can't find the door to 'escape' so it this can be 'used' as
a 'virtual' door to make that change for the better.
Nothing is a must there... Just let the words flow like this blog...
If you want to draw, do it! Save a wrapper that made you happy.
Note down something that made you smile or even cry or
just a way to keep track of your schedule.
Anything goes really as long it's fun to do!
It can be your "5 minutes to yourself" time if
you don't like to colour somehow.
Don't like leaving a 'trail' behind then?
You make it as personal or as blend as you'd like to.

So, WHY do I babble about it on MJJCBlog then?
Well, the thing is I want to 'inspire' people just like MJ.
Preserving one's legacy is not only about stating HIStoric facts or
dwelling over reviews, it's also reaching out a hand to hold or
a shoulder to lean on, you know.

By revealing something that 'helped' you get through
those 'gloomy days' ,
you aspire that it will benefit the other too as 'healing' starts
with being open and sharing stuff.

So May the Art Journal be with you!

~ Copyright 2016 ~




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