MJ Reborn

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"MJ Reborn"
Written by Daz for MJJCommunity
Have you heard the latest craze yet?
It's exciting yet scary.
Is this MJ somehow 'Reborn' ...
Just another 'Rip off' to cash into the legend of MJ...
or could it be a 'groundbreaking' feature to break all records again?

"On May 5, an announcement came from Executive Chairman of
Pulse Evolution Corporation at the Canadian Music Week that
the company is working on a new virtual Michael Jackson which is
looking much more realistic than their version from
the 2014 Billboard Music Awards! "

FULL Article can be read here : http://www.mjjcommunity.com/forum/threads/138257-A-NEW-MJ-Hologram-Is-Arriving!

Once, this News hit my brain, it started reeling with possibilities.
The NEW 'hologram' seems 'promising' and yet scary.
My mind envisions all the 'groundbreaking' possibilites of
having MJ 'back'. Well at least in a Hologram that is.
Doing shows, pioneering in technology, even meeting fans and
changing lives for the better.
Some Wonder the world really needs, right?
But then my heart shudders in recoil.
Do we exactly need a 'hologram' MJ?
What is wrong with the 'real' footage?
Is this just another attempt to 'milk' MJ?
Then again, sceptism aside
wouldn't it be nice to 'showcase' the legend of MJ
to future generations?
Discover MJ all over again and connect to the source of
our happiness and wonder?
See MJ 'LIVE' again?
I know, it's all just an 'Illusion' but so is 'happiness'.

Though no matter how you feel about it. The future is here!
I know, you fret "It will not be the same" but
technology is progress.
Did we recoil when the videotape got replaced by the DVD?
See, there lies the 'moral' dilema.
I know I can't compare stuff to humans but however
we can't stop this new 'surge' of technology that is all about
a new way of 'pioneering'.
I'm sure MJ would be thrilled as
he was always excited to break any records and
go where no human has gone before.

Behold the future of MJ is here!

~ Copyright 2016 MJJCommunity ~


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