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Who is it

"Who is it"
Written by Daz for MJJCommunity
Topic of today is "Who is it"
One of the most 'intriguing' songs on the album "Dangerous
Why do we love it so much?
Why was it never performed LIVE on stage?
Find out here and more

"Who is it" remains to this day such an 'intriguing' and 'mysterious'
song to treasure. What I especially love about the song is
the different 'layers' it contains. That is what I find so 'awesome' in
a MJ song in general really.
Even the zillionth time you heard it, you still discover a sigh, a note,
an instrument you thought 'why have I noticed it before? '
The music kinda sweep you off your feet, doesn't it?
I absolutely love the 'beatboxing' which shows what a Genius MJ
really is. It 'reveals' how MJ 'creates' these masterpieces.
He just hears the whole thing in his head complete with all
the arrangments it needs to be a 'killer track'. In fact, MJ doesn't
need to know how to 'play' an instrument.
His 'voicebox' is simply the 'Instrument'.
The video has always been one of my fave ones too as
it's so mysterious and carries a 'hidden' story of how
'love can kill you', right?

I guess the very reason why it was never performed 'LIVE' is
simply it is not a 'dance song' really, is it?
It's more of a 'hidden' story and it showcases MJ's
awesome 'beat box' talent.

This was my take on today's Topic.
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