Dreaming of MJ

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"Dreaming of MJ"
Written by Daz for MJJCommunity
The weekend is on hand. Time to catch upon a dream.
What if MJ would pop in?
#TopicOfToday is "Do you ever dream about MJ? "
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It had been long time since MJ popped into my dreams and
I wondered if I'd ever 'see' him again or even he had 'moved on' too.
Then last week, he was suddenly there.
It is 'soothing' to know whenever I'm sad that
he appears in my dreams
just to assure me 'everything will be okay'.
"Oh, you found me? "I blurted out when
he was standing in my bedroom.
"Of course, you told me you were moving so."
"You like it? " I only asked.
He peeked into the living room and only nodded.
"Really nice! "
"Thanks Michael, I'm okay now" I assured him and
then 'POOF' he was gone.
I guess that was his 'cue' to leave, hey!
I exactly don't remember what he was wearing as
I was too baffled he'd found me as in 'yeah I moved'.

If Michael pops into your dreams and
you want to share them,
please do by 'clicking' on the thread below.
Note: Keep them PG 13 however!


See you there!

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