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#TopicOfToday is #MJRewind
We all have an MJ Video or even a scene we just like to
watch over and over again just to capture the Magic of the moment
and let it soak into our brains and heart.
This made my #BlueMonday even brighter.

As I was browsing #MJJCForum this morning to 'grasp' some
'Inspiration' for a new Blog, I bumped in the below thread.
So, as the day took 'hold' of me, I started pondering what video
I always watch on 'rewind' or 'repeat' or like the thread
'explicit' says "What part do I just HAVE to rewind? "
Well, instead of 'rewinding' the thing I simply watch
the whole thing again lol.
Anyway, the feautured picture says it all.
"Thriller" Yeash, the "This is it Vignette" is something I always
have on 'rewind' when I grasp the courage to pop it into my Blu-ray.

Simply cause the vignette holds so much detail that a single view
can't grasp every stunning detail, storyline nor special effect.
I absolutely love to gawk at it as I love how wonderful it is
created in such fine detail.
My fave scene is when the Zombie pops out of his grave and
the first thing he needs to do is sneeze.
What a hilarious scene really!

If you'd like to share your fave scene of an MJ video that
you always have to rewind, please share it with the #MJJCFam
in the following thread.


So, I hope this #MJJCBlog made your Monday a little brighter too.

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