Rocking for Roses

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"Rocking for roses"
Written by Daz for MJJCommunity
#TopicOfToday is #OneRose4mjj
A wonderful initative that is really close to my heart.
Since we popped into the month June,
we honor and remember The Gloved One we lost too soon.
Read all about this wonderful project here.

Seven years ago, a wonderful team of friends that share
the Love of MJ created a wonderful initative in the 'spirit' of MJ
to yearly honor MJ and create a 'blanket of Love' at Forest Lawn.
What I love the MOST about this #AwesomeProject is
that even MJ fans that live 'too far' from Forest Lawn or are
'unable' to even visit the place of Remembrance,
we get a chance to honor MJ too by simply buying a Rose,
a token of LOVE for MJ.

"The Official One Rose Blog Message 2016"

It gives us great pleasure to announce for the 7th year,
the opening of the ne Rose for Michael J. Jackson Roses
for June 25th 2016.
This annual event has become a beautiful tradition from
Michael Jackson fans to honor the legacy and genius that
is Michael J. Jackson.
Since its inception seven years ago,
this has been a monumental endeavor for fans around the world
to come together as one and pay our respects to
our beloved Man in the Mirror.
While many fans are able to make their pilgrimage to Forest Lawn
to be able to personally pay their respect,
many fans from around the world are not able to do so, but
instead are able to send out their love to Michael in a global effort
to honor Michael and his memory.
Every rose represents a fans heart from all over the world and
together we are a blanket of LOVE celebrating
his creative genius & legacy...
coming together worldwide to show our love & gratitude.
Last Years official total was:
From: OneRose4MJJ's Twitter 15,537 Roses

Today is the #Rocking4roses event at 7 PM EST
Total this year already:
OneRose 4MJJ ‏4328 Roses and counting.
Last day to buy #OneRose4MJJ is June 17th

For FULL Info on how you can be part of #OneRose4mjj


Will your Rose be there?

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