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" Cherished "
Written by Daz for MJJCommunity
#TopicOfToday is #AnticipationForMJ
June hits and all these memories come flooding in.
I used to eagerly await an NEW album or video.
Being glued to the radio and TV. #CherishedMemories
What better way is there to share them here.

The anticipation for a NEW album or video was back in the day
thrilling and exciting. I would be glued to the TV screen with
the remote in hand to tape every breath and every glimpse of MJ
just to relive this Magical moment again and again.
I still got tons of videotapes with these cherished memories on.
I once even got up at 2 AM to tape Ghosts knowing all too well
I had to be up by 4 AM as I got the early shift but
the stuff you do for Michael, hey!

Yeah, life Pre-Social Media was still exciting though
as you'd rely more on Radio/ TV and Magazines to get
the latest scoops of MJ.
It used to keep me sweet for hours on end just browsing through
Magazines and when I went to the hairdresser,
I always managed to tear out an article or two lol.
Hearing the Radio Jock announce the latest HIT by Michael Jackson
was an event on its own. The world would stop spinning for
a moment while you got swept away by the beat.
I remember watching Black & White every Saturday evening as
it hit the N° 1 spot for countless weeks and
when it finally slipped away, it truly left a 'gap' as
I was so used to watching the video on the charts
every damn week. The same thing happened earlier
with Smooth Criminal. I would rush Home to see it.
Another cherished memory was when the album was
finally in stores. I always went the same day as the announced
release date. Not even caring what kinda weather it was!
I went to fetch the Dangerous CD in the pouring rain lol
Popping into the store, you would find it under the name
"Michael Jackson "
or even 'gleaming' at you from afar as it stood
proudly on the 'promo' rack.
Even standing in line holding onto the album and
then later the CD was a 'glorious' moment that I still miss to this day.
Then when you came home, you popped it in your player,
you plunged on your bed and your put your headphones on and
the world 'zoned' out for the length of the album.

If you want to share yours and want to read up on
other Thrilling 'momento' stories from fellow fans,
then this thread is the place to go.


I truly miss those days now but yet they are cherished memories
of 'growing up' with MJ.

~ Copyright 2016 MJJCommunity ~


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