The studio in MJ

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The studio in MJ

" The studio in MJ "
Written by Daz for MJJCommunity
#TopicOfToday is #MJStudioAlbums or
Did you ever wondered why MJ only has 7 studio albums?
Was it just the contract or was there more to it?
Find it all out here in this #MJJCBlog
and join in this intriguing convo on #MJJCForum.

#TopicOfToday ponders over the burning question of
an MJJC member who just happens to wonder
"why MJ did so little Studio work? "
Yeash, MJ only did 7 Studio albums as in
Off the Wall/Thriller/BAD/ Dangerous/ History/ BOTDF/ Invincible.
Yeash, the pure 'technical' answer could be
he signed up for 7 albums so that is what we got but
that is a bit dull isn't it?
As we all know Michael is a true Perfectionist and
he wrote so many demos for every album so that
he could chose the BEST Killer tracks that would put us on cloud 9.
Always a combination of hard and soft songs to please every fan.
I would say that Michael only did 7 in his short 'lifespan' that
was granted here on earth simply cause
he wanted the BEST for us, the fans.
It's like he wanted every song to be an anthem or a song that
would hold you throught the night.
He carefully selected each song, I'm sure.
I'm really Grateful and Blessed to have 'grown' up with
MJ's Music keeping me sweet night and day.
Of course, MJ could have made more albums like regular artists but
then again, he wasn't one.
He is the King Of POP.
The pioneer with the hottest tunes and the ground breaking videos.
There will only be one and that is MICHAEL JACKSON.

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