Get your ticket right

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Spike and Mike

" Get your ticket right "
Written by Daz for MJJCommunity
#TopicOfToday is another #SongAppreciation one
This time we delve into the Hit #SpeedDemon
Why does it belong in the #FaveSong department?
Discover it here and why not
share your love for this upbeat song on #MJJCommunity.

"Speed Demon, You're The Very Same One
Who Said The Future's In Your Hands
The Life You Save Could Be Your Own
You're Preachin' 'Bout My
Life Like You're The Law
Gonna Live Each Day And Hour Like
For Me There's No Tomorrow"

This is the 3rd verse of the song "Speed Demon"
Quite a catchy and playful song.
Very innovative for the decade it was released in like
MJ poured in all his creativity into just one song that
is bursting with energy and light.
From the exhilarating bass to the 'china shuddering' melody lol
its a piece that easily wins over your brain as
MJ's vocals just let you shout the lyrics as if you're on
the back of the Harley with him racing away from
the greedy people only wanting to make a snap and earning a buck.
Why 'China shuddering' ?
Funny anekdote though. I was a teenager when I played this
track on our stereo and my mum would constantly complain that
I would shatter her 'fine bone china' with how
loud I played this song and no matter at what volume I played it at,
she would not believe that it was the 'special effect' in the Bass.
So you see, when MJ even brings out a 'silly' song like that
it plays with people's minds and that is so neat really.
I do love the segment in "Moonwalker" too.
So cute when Spike and Mike have a dance battle but
even more cute when the cop busts him and gives him a ticket lol.

So, get your ticket right here:

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