Cracking the code

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" Cracking the code "
Written by Daz for MJJCommunity
#TopicOfToday is #SingOrDance
Have you ever wondered if MJ bedazzled you more with
his dancing or his singing?
Impossible to answer indeed but just #ForFunOfIt
let's compare or is that even infeasible!

I may have you 'frazzled' with these queries but hey
it's meant as a 'lighthearted' topic as the doom of June is upon us.
Anyway, I came across this #FunTopic on #MJJCForum with
the simple yet complicated query lol
"What was MJ better at singing or dancing? "
The easiest answer would be 'both were perfect'.

I do agree cause it seems like an unsolvable puzzle this one.
Just 'rack' your brain with it for a minute, okay?
What in your humble opinion does the trick?
What makes you go WOW?
Is it the gorgeous voice of an Angel with that touch of
wickedness hidden in him?
Or is it when MJ slides and grinds across that tile floor that
lits up the stage?
I know, I'm as 'confuzzled' as you are and indeed
'both are perfect' seems like the 'ideal' answer to
a 'tricky' query as this but then again
what is so 'perfect' about it?

Hmmm, I would boldly go for "Singing".
There, I have 'cracked' the code LOL
Nah, seriously now. Dancing can be taught tirelessly but
MJ's voice is unique and can NOT be covered or taught or
imitated in any form. That is why I think this is MJ's strength
and 'enigma' is his voice. It's sweet as May wine.
It's rough as a rock. It harbours eons of emotions
and can sooth you like no other voice can.
Of course, I don't want to 'diminish' his dancing as
he dances like the Beat owns him but
be honest now, have you ever heard another voice
so pure and enchanting like MJ's?
I don't think so!

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