Lost in the dance

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Best Live song

" Lost in the dance "

Written by Daz for MJJCommunity

Today's wrap is #BestLiveSong

What do you consider to be the Most Thrilling song Live?

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The ultimate LIVE performed song has to be "Billie Jean" really.

Other songs can be rehearsed to a Tee which makes them into

routines but "Billie Jean" gives that extra flavour to it.

I love the 'act' in it with the thudding footsteps and the suitcase.

On occassion, Michael would just sit and watch the crowd while

biting his nails lol. Just living in the moment.

Then, he would get up and plunk the suitcase on a stool.

Click click and the Magic content would appear itching to dazzle

the crowd with its pixie dust.

With the crowd roaring in excitement,

one finger click is all that is needed to continue the journey as

one spotlight illuminates the stage.

That is why I love "Billie Jean" cause MJ would always create

something unexpected.

He would either walk around the spotlight waiting for

the right moment or just step right into it and bedazzle

everyone with the Brilliance that the song evokes.

It's like MJ becomes the song or even the instrument played

by the Melody and driving Bass.

I especially love the 'encore' where its only spotlight and

that heart wrapping Bass that makes you go WOW.

This is MJ at his Best!

Totally captured by the Bass and just 'lost' for a moment

in the eternity of the dance.

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